The Recusant

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Vienna, VA, U.S.A. - June 29, 2013

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Archbishop Lefebvre’s heroic decision in 1988 to consecrate truly Catholic bishops for the defense of the Catholic Faith and for the preservation of valid Sacraments from the devastation of the Church wrought by the disastrous Second Vatican Council, a group of priests express their alarm at the same devastation now being wrought upon the Archbishop’s Society of St. Pius X, and they resolve together to do what they can to protect the Church and Society against this newly developed peril.

For just as the churchmen of Rome have used the last 50 years to attempt to reconcile the Church with the world, and in particular by the religious liberty and ecumenism of Vatican II, so the Society’s Superior General over the last 15 years has done everything he could to promote the wicked dream of reconciling Catholic Tradition with Conciliar Rome. For example, the Declaration of June 27, 2013 once more leaves the door open to reopening negotiations with Conciliar Rome. (cf. No. 11)

The result of this attempt to reconcile things irreconcilable within the Society of St Pius X has been the disabling of many good priests, the progressive undoing of the Archbishop’s work and the endangering of the eternal salvation of souls without number. This is because the Society of St Pius X was for many years an anchor in the true Faith for the entire Church, and now that anchor has snapped. And so just as the authorities of Vatican II lost the confidence of many faithful Catholics by their ambiguities, duplicities, and lies, so now the liberal authorities of the Society of St Pius X are losing all trust of many Traditional Catholics by their betrayal of Tradition.

Now what can a small and scattered group of priests do to save the situation? God will save His Church by converting the Pope when His Mother obtains at last the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Nevertheless, truth is not a question of numbers and so we set for ourselves the Archbishop’s program:

“The Holy Virgin will have the victory. She will triumph over the great apostasy, the fruit of Liberalism. One more reason not to twiddle our thumbs! We have to fight more than ever for the social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In this battle, we are not alone; we have with us all the popes up through Pius XII inclusively. All of them combatted Liberalism in order to deliver the Church from it. God did not grant that they succeed, but this is not reason to lay down our weapons! We have to hold on. We have to build, while the others are demolishing. The crumbled citadels have to be rebuilt, the bastions of the Faith to be reconstructed: firstly the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of all times, which forms saints; then our chapels, which are our true parishes; our monasteries; our large families, our enterprises faithful to the social doctrine of the Church; our politicians determined to make the politics of Jesus Christ – this a whole tissue of Christian social life, Christian customs, Christian reflexes, which we have to restore, on the scale that God wants, at the time God wills. All that I know, the Faith teaches us, it is that Our Lord Jesus Christ must reign here below, now, and not only at the end of the world, as the Liberals would have it!

While they are destroying, we have the contentment of rebuilding. A still greater happiness: generations of young priests are participating with zeal in this task of reconstruction of the Church for the salvation of souls.” (They Have Uncrowned Him; chapter XXXIV)

H.E. Bp. Richard Williamson SSPX

Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer SSPX

Fr. Tomas de Aquino O.S.B.

Fr. Jahir FBMV

Fr. Jean-Michel Faure SSPX

Fr. Ronald Ringrose

Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz SSPX

Fr. Hugo Ruiz SSPX

Fr. Ernesto Cardozo SSPX

Fr. Joaquim FBMV

Fr. Richard Voigt SSPX

Fr. David Hewko SSPX

Fr. François Chazal SSPX

Fr. Valan Rajakumar SSPX

Fr. Patrick Girouard SSPX

Fr. René Trincado SSPX

Fr. Olivier Rioult SSPX

Fr. Edgardo Suelo SSPX

Fr. Rafael OSB

Br. Placide OSB

Br. André OSB