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Subversion or Tradition?

November 10, 2013


Dear Friends and Benefactors,

The man who, for many, represented the spirit of the French Revolution in the Church, Talleyrand, was not remembered as an attractive man. He limped, he grinned nervously and almost perpetually, he was bent by age and perversity. He was feared by all, despised by many, known as a worshipper at the altar of power rather than at the altar of God. Nevertheless, he was referred to as Monsignor de Talleyrand, as he was a bishop.

Using his methods and starting from his times until the present day, the masters of the Revolution have spread subversion throughout our poor world, until it has become part of the air we breathe. Subversion impregnates the whole of society, infiltrating families and even the sanctuary. Subversion is the weapon of the Revolution, the weapon of the devil. Do we need proof? We need look no further than the 1960's: "Don't trust anyone over 30"; "If it feels good, do it". These and other scandalous and satanic slogans have expressed a violent hatred of an order above man and of which he is not master.

The Revolution institutionalizes the hatred of authority, presenting it as the last obstacle to be destroyed at all costs to establish revolutionary chaos. But they called it "freedom". Nevertheless, authority is necessary to the full development of man, who would remain a weakling without this vigilant power that takes care and allows him to reach the maturity of his powers safely. By its shadowy suggestions and half-truths - repeated and repeated and repeated until they attain a life of their own - subversion works to bring down authority, profiting from our natural inclination to disobey. Little by little, authority appears as the enemy that wishes us harm or leads us to our defeat.

More than a technique, subversion is not only the tool, but the real heart of Revolution. Let us be clear: when we speak of Revolution, we do nto just mean a historical French revolution - we mean a rejection of God. Revolution is, in the first place, a rejection of our sonship of God. Following in Satan's footsteps, the subversive rejects the divine fatherhood and all other paternal relationships that derive from it. It perfectly realizes the motto, "Neither God, nor Master". Distilling this poison of hatred of our Father, and being itself a poison, subversion leads the Revolution and its followers to their damnation: a tool of the devil, it eats its own children as soon as it can separate them from the real Father.

Subversion is thus totally opposed to Tradition, which is essentially the worship of God the Father. Tradition acknowleges that God exists and that it is essential for Him to reveal Himself as Father. Authority, consequently, is recognized and respected as this divine paternity that guides and protects man. Sometimes, when the authority in charge ceases to be faithful to its role of guardian of the common good, it falls to the defenders of Tradition to remind that authority of its role and to do this even publicly, thus respecting the very nature of authority while rejecting the secretive, anonymous, cowardly methods of the subversive.

But this public statement, far from being a knee-jerk reaction to authority, is a service to and defense of of authority. The opposition is only apparent, due to dramatic circumstances when those who have received authority from God are themselves influenced by the revolutionary principles.

Between subversion and tradition the opposition is absolute and tradition would disappear if it suddenly were to accept the principle of subversion and become suspicious of any form of authority.

For the last months this subtle temptation of distrust of authority has been poisoning the ranks of the defenders of the tradition of the Church.

Some people, fooled by suspicions repeated and amplified by the Internet, have been taken up by the irrational fear of an alleged treason, non-existent and never proven. Regardless of the personal good will, such people sadly do the work of the devil. Their defamatory attacks, written as if they had authority and "inside" knowlege - when, in fact, they know nothing and are only "cutting and pasting" the opinions of people like themselves - are only the tools of the spirit of subversion and revolution. It is high time to cease this suicidal internal war, just when a new formal attack is in course against the last vestiges of Tradition in the bosom of Holy Mother Church.

The fight for the honour of God and of His Paternity should protect us from falling into the temptation of embracing the principles that undermine this honor and this paternity.

The liturgy of Advent invites us to follow Our Lady and St. Joseph on the road that leads to the Crib. This road is one of quiet dependence, of radiant simplicity, of honest filiation and humble submission to the will of God.

It is a road of conversion, far from any subversive path.

Let us pray for the strength boldly to follow it!

In Christo sacerdote et Maria,

Fr. Yves Le Roux