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respond to Fr. Le Roux as follows:

Fr. le Roux sat at his laptop, with a perplexing problem: how can the SSPX get parishioners to ignore the large body of scandalous statements made by SSPX superiors – such as the SSPX’s recent praise of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII and the SSPX describing their “personal lives” as “exemplary”?1 Worse, yet, Fr. le Roux reflected, such statements are published by the SSPX’s own websites!2 How, he asked himself, can we get the people to think these SSPX statements are just a series of vague, unconfirmed “internet” rumors? Ruefully, Fr. le Roux reflected that “the facts, always stubborn, speak for themselves.”3

Then Fr. le Roux sat up straight. He had an idea! He would use his August 12, 2014 letter to write a story about a man who was troubled and confused, who then attains peace and happiness by ignoring the evidence around him and simply
choosing to believe that the SSPX’s liberal statements (on its own websites), are
mere rumors! Fr. le Roux smiled with satisfaction at his plan, as he engrossed himself in writing fiction.


1 Fr. Christian Bouchacourt recently stated that it “is quite probable … that the personal lives of John XXIII and John Paul II were exemplary.” His words are here: Fr. Bouchacourt, was the District Superior of the SSPX’s South America District, but has now been promoted to become the District Superior of the more influential District of France (which has a larger number of priests). The truth is that it is completely impossible for any Catholic to have an "exemplary" personal life, when he does what these popes did, even aside from their greater responsibility for the whole Church. So, e.g., aside from Pope John Paul II's incalculable responsibility for the 1986 Assisi meeting because he is pope, he could never have led an "exemplary" personal life even if he were a private man who merely attended the Assisi meeting in only his personal capacity. The same is true of countless other events in the pope's life: e.g., kissing the Koran.


3 Fr. le Roux’s 8-12-14 letter, page 2.