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An Open Letter to Priests of the SSPX

From an Australian layman

Dear Father,


I would like to extend to you an open invitation to talk with Bishop Williamson either in public or private about the change in principles and direction of the SSPX during his Australasian visit from 25th June to 8th July. This change is exemplified by the following:


1. The many articles on and other society websites arguing that we will be outside the Church if we do not put ourselves under the authority of neo-modernist Rome and that we must hand back the treasure of tradition that we hold to “the church”. Indeed we must ask ourselves, what church are they talking about? That church which Abp. Lefebvre said had uncrowned the King of Kings? That church which Abp. Lefebvre called a “counter church”, a “counterfeit church” and a “schismatic church”? That church which continues to mock and insult Our Lord Jesus Christ?


2. The slanderous accusations and false obedience advocated in an article on by Fr Karl Stehlin in response to an article written by Pere Jean, OFM Cap.


3. Fr Rostand’s public invitation on : “We appreciate the invitation to pray and fast and we hope that not only Catholics but everyone may respond to the Pope's call by praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Virgin Mother.”…to join in prayer on the 1st September, 2013, with Pope Francis’ organised universal day of fasting and prayer laced with false modernistic ecumenism. The Pope invited “The entire Catholic church,” but also, “all Christians of other confessions,” “men and women of every religion, as well as those brothers and sisters who do not believe” to work “in whatever way they can” for “the good of all humanity.”

Is not Fr Rostand inviting us here, to commit a grave sin against the first commandment? Praying with heretics and atheists! Each praying to his own god, or perhaps the same god! Heresy? Blasphemy? And what are we praying for? A peace without Our Lord Jesus Christ as King! Impossible! How is it that such a grave scandal can be promoted so widely by an SSPX superior without any public reprimand, retraction or reparation?


4. The public testimony of Bishop Peter Elliott of Melbourne, saying that he was surprised to hear B. Fellay talking to him over lunch about a hybrid Mass celebrating the Tridentine rite in English. Indeed we heard Fr Rostand the district superior of the United States talk about a hybrid Mass and other novelties on!


5. The public statement of Cardinal Canizares that B Fellay told him, “Archbishop Lefebvre would never have taken the steps he took, if he had seen the Novus Ordo Mass celebrated with such devotion!”

6. The book written by the Novus Ordo priest Fr Lelong, one of the founders of GREC, a group established to bring the SSPX back to “the church” and which the SSPX has been involved in secretly since 1997 with the permission of Bp. Fellay. This book explains that both the “freeing” of the true Mass and the lifting of the excommunications were the conditions to be used to bring about “reintegration” of the SSPX with neo-modernist Rome. So they were decided upon long before the “miraculous” rosary crusades conducted by the SSPX. Is this not an incredible act of deceit? Attributing these two acts of the Pope to be miracles performed by Our Lady when in fact they had been planned well before in secret by members of the SSPX and GREC?


7. The singing of the Te Deum in SSPX chapels around the world to rejoice at the 2007 Motu Proprio which did not free the Tridentine Mass as Bp. Fellay falsely claims but merely declared that this Holy and Sacred Oblation was one and the same form of prayer as the bastard Novus Ordo Mass! And that the Mass of all time was an extraordinary form only to be used in extraordinary circumstances, when in fact it is the only form of worship to be used always and in perpetuity!


8. The singing of the Te Deum in SSPX chapels around the world to rejoice at “the lifting of the excommunications”, when in reality this Motu Proprio reasserts the validity and justness of these excommunications!


9. Bishop Fellay publicly calling the Jews “our elder brothers”. Abp. Lefebvre explained to us that it is the saints who are our elder brothers in the Faith and that the Jews are heretics for whose conversion we must pray!


10. Bishop Fellay refusing to publish a strong condemnation of Assisi III, like that of Archbishop Lefebvre against Assisi I, when asked to do so by several SSPX priests because it would endanger our relations with neo-modernist Rome! So it is permissible in the mind of Bp. Fellay for the Pope and all the high ranking cardinals in the Vatican to make a public mockery of the first commandment rather than upset those who commit this grave offence against the Blessed Trinity. Surely this is something that will draw down the wrath of Almighty God upon the SSPX!


11. The outrageous statement by Fr Bouchacourt, who was subsequently promoted to district superior of France, declaring that the Jews did not commit deicide! I wonder who he believes Our Lord to be?


12. The six conditions of the General Chapter which lay down the conditions for our “return” to this “conciliar church” which Abp. Lefebvre and the SSPX have always declared to be a schismatic church and not the true Church. How is it that we need permission to be Catholic? To whom does this world belong, the Conciliar Church or to Our Lord Jesus Christ? What then are we doing asking permission to practice the Truth? Is it not a divine commandment? “Go ye therefore unto all the nations of the world, baptising in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.” Where does it say we must first ask permission from those who have uncrowned Our Lord Jesus Christ? Is this not a spirit that blasphemes the Living God?


13. The second desirable condition of the General Chapter which states that we would like to be free from our local bishops, but too bad if we’re not, because “since when is life without difficulties?” (Bp. Fellay June 2012 Interview on!


14. The suppression of books on Benedict XVI written by Bp. Tissier and Fr. de Cacqueray, because they were too ‘hard line’ and would endanger our relations with neo-modernist Rome! Indeed we must ask: Who wants relations with those who have destroyed our faith, those who continue to make a public mockery of the very first commandment, “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange Gods before me”; those who publicly mock our King? How is it possible that the truth can be proclaimed “too boldly”? Indeed when is it not a sin to hide the truth for some supposed greater good?


15. The promotion of Fr Gregoire Celier’s scandalous book throughout France by the SSPX. The Foreword of this book was written by Jean-Luc Maxence, a disturbingly liberal man whose writings are every bit as bad as Hans Kung and Karl Rahner’s. This pro-freemasonic “catholic” author has publicly and vitriolically attacked Archbishop Lefebvre and other Traditional Catholics who resisted Vatican II and its changes in his book, “Long Live the Schism”, calling the Archbishop “absurdly stubborn” and “Savonarola junk” amongst other horrible insults. He also mocked the Archbishop for condemning freemasonry!



16. The grave canonical irregularities in dealing with Fr Pinaud and Fr Salenave. Disturbingly enough, the only code of canon law used to condemn these priests was the new code, which is the only code the SSPX now recognises. That code which puts into law all the heresies implicit in Vatican II and which Abp. Lefebvre said we could never accept! Can you imagine, anyone who has the misfortune of marrying a non-Catholic is not required to baptise their children! Is this a law from Our Holy Mother or a law from the “seat of the antichrist” as Our Lady of La Salette called the Conciliar Church? This new code also tells us that we can give communion to non-Catholics! Would our Holy Mother the Church make a law obliging us to commit such a sacrilege?


17. The avowed desire of Bishop Fellay to get our SSPX marriages canonically recognized by the Novus Ordo Church.


18. The ongoing negotiations by and repeated visits of Bp. Fellay, Fr Angles, Fr Pfluger and Fr Nely with the Roman congregations to determine a canonical status within the Novus Ordo Church.


19. The fact that, the SSPX now celebrates a diocesan Latin Mass in Chennai, the Novus Ordo venue being indicated in the “Apostle” magazine.


20. The SSPX chapel in Germany that advertised the Mass as, “Mass in the Extraordinary Rite”!


21. The promotion of “St.??? John Paul II’s” luminous mysteries of the rosary in a school chant booklet in France.


22. Menzingen’s condemnation of Fr Rousseau who spoke out (as every Catholic priest worthy of his office ought to have done!) against the impending canonisations of John XXIII and John Paul II!


23. The appointment of Fr Berthe as professor at the seminary of Flavigny despite the objections of the District Superior (Fr. de Cacqueray). This priest regularly gave the seminarians meditations from the encyclicals of Benedict XVI and texts of Vatican II and spoke of the new attitude we are to adopt towards Ecclesia Dei groups (something that is now widespread in the Society)! Only after the combined pressure of several priests and in fear of a mounting scandal did Bp. Fellay finally agree to his transfer! Not suspension, not expulsion, but simply a transfer!


24. The promotion of the disgusting ‘Theology of the Body’ of John Paul II on the website of Fr Champroux and to the families of St Joseph’s Church in Brussels. And this has been going on for over a year with the tacit approval of Bp. de Galarreta and Bp. Fellay! (!about_us/csgz and )


25. Fr Pfluger’s recent comment that if we don’t accept the magisterial value of the Second Vatican Council then we are not Catholic! I guess he can’t remember the following words of his holy founder:


“Either we choose what the popes have taught for centuries and we choose the Church or we choose what was said by the Council. But we cannot choose both at the same time since they are contradictory.” 

(Abp. Lefebvre, Press Conference, Sept. 15, 1976)


Indeed, were we not always taught by the SSPX that Vatican II was the triumph of Modernism in the Church? Yet now we must recognise its magisterial value in order to be Catholic? Did not Archbishop Lefebvre say all of the following about Vatican II: a wholesale perversion of the mind; the spirit of Freemasonry and the French Revolution inside the Church; not from the Holy Ghost?


26. The statement from the Dominicans of Avrillé and 33 other traditional priests proclaiming that the SSPX has been following with pertinacity for 10 years or more a road which leads to death!


27. Fr. Ramon Angles and Bp. Fellay both supporting abortion (that is the early delivery of non-viable babies, a sin crying out to heaven for vengeance!) in Ireland, in opposition to our former parish priest Fr Edward McDonald!


28. The expulsion of numerous priests from the SSPX for rebuking their superiors and making public all the disturbing declarations and activities that were done in secret by the leaders of the SSPX. Things that were so contrary to our Faith, contrary to the spirit of their founder, as well as overturning the laws binding even themselves from the previous General Chapter! They acted for the defence of the Faith as any normal Catholic would and should have done, yet behold their unjust and unlawful punishment.


29. Bp. Fellay says, “Thank God we were preserved from an agreement!” yet look how he punishes and continues to punish all those who warned him against such an agreement!


30. Priests in the Society, such as Fr Rostand and Fr Celier, who distort the teaching of their founder. For example, “No agreement with Rome, until Rome converts.” This they claim they wholeheartedly agree with but then say, “But what does conversion mean?” How can you agree with something if you don’t understand what it means? What does conversion mean? Turning away from error and heresy and embracing the Truth! Has Rome even taken one small step in renouncing any of their grave errors? No! They are fully committed to their liberalism, ecumenism, modernism, heresies and scandalous practices of every kind coming from the Pope, the cardinals and all the bishops and priests of the conciliar church. Not one of them has retracted or denounced any of their false beliefs or sacrilegious practices. Not one of them believes in the fullness of the Catholic Faith and any who have shown signs of wanting to come back to the Truth have been persecuted by the hierarchy for it!


Father, surely you can see that Bp. Fellay and his collaborators are leading the SSPX in a new direction. This direction is the same as that taken by Campos, the Institute of  the Good Shepherd, the Redemptorists, Le Barroux, the Fraternity of St Peter and all the others who have returned to the Conciliar Church. A direction condemned by Archbishop Lefebvre.


Are we allowed to remain silent in the face of such grave dangers threatening our Faith? If you do not warn all those who rely on you for the Truth is it not equivalent to approving and permitting such words and works. “He who is not with me is against me”. Or as Father Denis Fahey said, evil enters this world because good men do nothing. But woe to those (good men) by whom the evil enters, for they shall see the terrible judgements of the Living God.


God help us Father! May you find the courage instilled into your soul on the day of your confirmation and the day of your priestly ordination. May the Eternal High Priest succour you and may you remain faithful to Him in this grave hour which threatens to extinguish the light of Faith in this already dark world.


Dear Father, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to meet with His Lordship.


Yours in Christ our King




Bill Pointing (