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"Nothing Has Changed!"

Fr. David Hewko

(Extract from a sermon given on 14th September, 2014 in Milton Ontario, Canada)


If we want to have the True Mass we must hold the True Faith. How many Orthodox Masses today, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox Masses - they’re heretics, they don’t have the true Faith. They reject the primacy of Peter. They don’t believe that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son. They don’t have the Catholic Faith. - but their Masses are valid! It’s a mysterious thing. But we cannot go to their Masses. But they’re valid. But they don't hold the True Faith, that’s why we cannot go to them. And then also, all those priests who don’t hold the True Faith, or those who compromise the True Faith, we cannot go to their Mass.


It sounds difficult. And people do say: “I need the sacraments! We need the Mass! We need Holy Communion!” But there is a grave danger to your Faith if you go to the Indult Mass, the Motu Proprio Mass, the Fraternity of St. Peter Mass - and now we have to say also, the Society of St. Pius X Mass. Why? Because the leader, the Superior General has officially, in an official capacity, compromised the Catholic Faith.


And I ask you: pray for Bishop Fellay, pray for his soul. Pray that before he dies, he will publicly reject his betrayal of Our Lord. That he will publicly make reparation for signing that Doctrinal Declaration which if any of us signed, we’d know that we’d compromised the Faith. I know if I had signed it, I’d know I’d go to Hell. Because I would know I had compromised the True Catholic Faith, I’d be saying that the Tradition of the Church can be enlightened by a heretical Council, Vatican II. I can’t sign that and hope to save my soul! If I sign a text to say that this thing is legitimate, I betray Our Lord Jesus Christ, I betray all the Popes of Tradition, I betray our founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. So I beg you, pray for Bishop Fellay. What he has done is very serious.


What he has done is to turn the ship - better to use Bishop Williamson’s term, the lifeboat because that’s all the Society of St. Pius X ever was, it’s not the Catholic Church - now, with this Doctrinal Declaration and the General Chapter Statement and the Six Conditions and all the proofs of the modernism of the Society of St. Pius X now, it has turned towards the iceberg, and it has already been ripped open. In 1912 when the Titanic had already been ripped open all along the side and was sinking, all the people above were still busy toasting with their wine and eating their hors-d’oeuvres, and discussing their plans for what they would do when they got to New York. But the Captain knew, he knew they were in big trouble. He didn’t say anything, and they were still hoping there was a way they could save the ship, with all their wonderful, new, modern engineering they could save the ship. But the compartments were filling up one by one and overflowing.


And so the ship was going down and sinking, but it wasn’t tilting yet. It was still flat. And the men on board, including the Captain’s men were saying: “Well, nothing’s changed. Everything’s the same.” Ever heard that one?

“Nothing has changed!”

- Yes, but what about Bishop Williamson being expelled?

“Nothing has changed!”

- What about the Doctrinal Declaration that betrays the Faith, that overturns the whole fight that the Society was all about?

“Nothing has changed!”

- But it’s been signed and sent to Rome, it’s alive and kicking!

“Nothing has changed! Everything’s the same!”

- What about the letter of Bishop Fellay and the Superiors to the three bishops? Completely modernist ideas, and it even mocks the three bishops!

“Oh, nothing has changed! Everything’s the same!”

- OK, well what about the CNS and DICI interviews by Bishop Fellay? He actually said ‘Well if we have to come under the local bishops, since when is life without difficulties?’

“Nothing has changed! Everything’s the same!”


Well, my dear faithful, this is happening! I wish it weren’t, because I love the Society of St. Pius X. We all understood the fight, and how Archbishop Lefebvre was prophesied by Our Lady of Quito as the one who would save the Catholic Priesthood and the True Mass. And now it has all been completely overthrown.


And now if you try to bring it up with the lay people or priests, you get told “Nothing has changed! Everything is the same!”


And yet during all that time the Titanic was slowly sinking. And only in the last 45 minutes it tilted, and then part of it broke off. One of the survivors said that at baseball games if they heard the crowd screaming, it reminded them of the terrible screaming in those last 45 minutes, the voices rising in terror as the ship went under. And within five minutes it was completely under. But for hours and hours before “everything” was “the same,” nothing appeared to have changed.


And what was the beginning of the disaster? It was hitting the iceberg. What was the disaster for the Society of St. Pius X? It was 2012, the General Chapter Statement which says: “No longer will we wait for Rome to comeback to Catholic Tradition, for the Pope to be perfectly Catholic, we’re not going to wait for this any more. Now we’re going to seek an agreement despite Rome’s conversion.”