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Enea and Pius



In 1458, when he was elected pope and took the name of Pius II, Cardinal Enea Silvio Piccolomini declared to his entourage:  “Forget Enea, welcome Pius.”  Today, one month after the election of the new pope, here are the questions that Vatican-watchers are asking themselves:  “Will Jorge send his kind remembrances to Francis?  Or will Francis make everybody forget Jorge?”  And even:  “Will Francis make us forget Benedict?”  Or else:  “Will Francis always be the same as at the beginning of his pontificate?”  For Church history shows that the pontificate of Pius IX did not end as it had begun.

And therefore everyone is awaiting the first appointments by the Supreme Pontiff:  “Who will be the new Secretary of State?”  “Who will be the next prefects of the Roman Congregations?”  And they all analyze his statements, scrutinize his gestures, and interpret the signs that he gives or does not give….

On the other hand, some are not in the least bit perplexed;  they have no need of analyzing, of scrutinizing, much less of interpreting.  They think that that already know everything, thanks to knowledge that they think is infused, whereas it is only confused.

Father Alain Lorans