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Final Response of Fr. Altamira

Fr. Bouchacourt

Monday 6 January (2014), Feast of the Epiphany

Dear Father Bouchacourt,

After my sermon of 22nd December about the new Rosary crusade, you asked me to do two things, to avoid “measures”.

I said no to both, for the reasons I expressed there. As a result of my refusal, you tell me I am to be transferred to Buenos Aires as assistant of the prior (Fr. Rubio) and that in Bogota there will be a new prior (Fr. Francisco Jiménez).

The situation of our Society, the Society of Saint Pius X, has been going on for a good number of years. It worsened dramatically in the last two and half years, and became more evident and explicit for many of us priests.

This state of things is caused by the ideas, words and mistakes of our Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay. Also by the actions he has taken during his government. Bishop Fellay has almost made language of The Truth disappear in it, by bringing about the reign – in the lesser cases - THE EMPIRE OF THE AMBIGUITY, and in other worse cases expressing errors against Catholic Doctrine (see the Doctrinal Declaration of April 2012). And better not talk about his statement on the modern mass: if Archbishop Lefebvre had seen the New Mass celebrated properly, he would not have taken the step that he did (Card. Cañizares); taking in vain the name of our founder to say that!

In all these things of Bishop Fellay there is also a key point: The Second Vatican council.

He is making a whole movement so as to get us to end up by agreeing and recognising as “Catholic Teaching” the aforementioned Vatican II. His own words: we accept it with reservations, they’re not asking us for total but only partial acceptance, we agree with 95 % of the Council, there is good and bad in it.

I believe that this point is one of the most important of all in his agenda, since we know that Modernist Rome will never accept that we do not recognize the council as "the Magisterium". Could something that contains good and bad, truth and error, ever be the Magisterium? Bishop Fellay has "good" theologians who write articles for this purpose and demonstrating that Vatican II "represents the Teaching of the Church ". This is where we are at.

But Vatican II is just robber-council, as opposed to all the other councils that there have been in the history of the Church. VATICAN II IS NOT THE TEACHING OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, and as Father Calderón and others teach, “it is necessary (for us) to declare solemnly its total nullity.”

What’s more, there is this kind of fixation that Bishop Fellay has of thinking as if we were not in the Catholic Church. Let’s read some of his words (I think there are many more that could be shown): To “Les Nouvelles caléedoniennes” - “The Pope has revived traditional ideas” (this is completely false, Benedict XVI is very modernist, including his heart)… We are perhaps much closer to the Pope's position than we appear to be. (…) So a simple decree from Rome will enable us to COME BACK INTO the Church. But that will come. I am very optimistic about that”. (Dec. 27/2010) It is the others who are gone: The fake "Conciliar Church". We have the four marks (see Archbishop Lefebvre in my sermon of 22 December). This crisis in the Church, I believe, will be sorted out by God alone, and meanwhile we have to keep doing what we've always done (or were doing?).

I do not want to go on; perhaps I’ll write an open letter to Bishop Fellay.

Undoubtedly, my decisions are not taken "because" of the latest rosary crusade, but rather "on the occasion" of it. This rosary crusade is not an isolated fact, and in my case it was “the final straw", after a state of things that has lasted for years. WE NEED TO SAY “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”, I believe that many of us the priests must say “Enough is enough,” and I think that our patience has been EXCESSIVE. On the other hand, we both know that more than a year ago in Bucaramanga, after I explained my opposition to you, you replied: “But if you are so against what Bishop Fellay is doing, you should leave.” And that I replied: “Yes Father, I am very against what Bishop Fellay is doing, and I have the impression it is going to end badly for the Society, but I am now starting to see why things are happening and will happen in these months and now I am starting to see what to do.” It is too long that it has now been more than a year.

In conclusion: I will not do as you told me (to go to Buenos Aires, etc). I remain in my prior's position and in my house, the Priory of Bogota, waiting the two canonical admonitions and the process of a very probable (invalid?) expulsion.

In the process that may begin, almost surely it will be argued that it is because I did not go to Buenos Aires:

I declare here and now, that that is not my motive, that THE MOTIVE IS DOCTRINAL, THE MOTIVE IS DOCTRINE: The errors, sayings, words and AMBIGUITIES of Bishop Fellay, which will probably end up destroying our Congregation EVEN WITHOUT MAKING AN AGREEMENT with the false "conciliar Church".
Sincere regards, in Our Lady Most Holy,

Fr. F. Altamira