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     Fr. Rostand Explains Why One Shouldn't
Attend his Masses Any Longer

Translated from La Sapiniere.
Fr. Rostand, the District Superior of Canada who became District Superior of the USA on August 15th 2008, once declared:
“How could the Society encourage the faithful to go to Masses where, at best, they keep quiet about these errors if not propagating them, as if that didn’t really matter, as if it were not the duty of every Catholic, priest or faithful, to defend the Faith when it is attacked? It must be understood that the sermon which is heard and the teaching which is received are as important as the rite observed.”
[‘Comment la Fraternité pourrait-elle encourager les fidèles à se rendre à des messes, même traditionnelles où, au mieux, on se tait sur ces erreurs lorsqu’on ne les propage pas, comme si cela n’avait pas grande importance, comme si défendre la foi n’était pas un devoir pour tout catholique, prêtres et fidèles, lorsque celle-ci est attaquée ? Il faut bien comprendre que la prédication entendue et l’enseignement reçu à l’occasion de la messe sont aussi importants que le rite observé.]
(Courrier de Tychique 249, Sunday 20th July, 2008)
That was in 2008. But since then, there’s been ‘Branding’ going on at the SSPX HQ! Already, in a 2012 video which can be found on the US District website, Fr. Rostand affirmed that: “It is not true to say that the unity of the Church is only based on the Faith.” This is ‘proximate to heresy’, since the Faith is the principle of the two other factors of unity: the Sacrifice is the expression of the Faith and authority is the guarantor of the Faith. Archbishop Lefebvre reminded us that:

“The Faith is the basis of all visibility in the Church. Catholicity is the Faith united in space. Apostolicity is the Faith in time and Holiness the fruit of the Faith.”

(Fideliter 66, pp.27-31)

On the 1st September, 2013, Francis organised a universal day of fasting and prayer laced with false modernistic ecumenism. He invited “The entire Catholic church,” but also, “all Christians of other confessions,” “men and women of every religion, as well as those brothers and sisters who do not believe” to work “in whatever way they can” for “the good of all humanity.” That is what one calls modernism:
“Certainly such attempts can nowise be approved by Catholics, founded as they are on that false opinion which considers all religions to be more or less good and praiseworthy ... those who hold this opinion...little by little turn aside to naturalism and atheism.”
(Pius XI, Mortalium Animos)
And yet Fr. Rostand decided to support this initiative. On the official District website, he wrote:
“We appreciate the invitation to pray and fast and we hope that not only Catholics but everyone may respond to the Pope's call by praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Virgin Mother.”

Fr. Rostand took the care to keep quiet regarding the modernist errors promoted in the speech of Pope Francis, “as if that didn’t really matter, as if it were not the duty of every Catholic, priest or faithful, to defend the Faith when it is attacked.”

As a result, therefore: As of now, 2013, one cannot assist at the Masses of Fr. Rostand. At least as long as there is no public reparation for a public fault. But Bishop Fellay allows this sort of thing... Why hasn’t he demanded that Fr. Rostand take his scandalous article ‘Sept 7 A Day of Prayer and Penance’ off the website? If, as Bishop Fellay says, “we have before us a real modernist” with Francis, why cooperate in his modernist acts? Why participate in the modernism of a modernist? But let’s be careful of asking questions which are too simple. Let’s not forget that Bishop Fellay is The Subtle Bishop! Bishop Fellay also said of Francis that he was “in contradiction with himself”. Today, the same could be said of more than one superior of the SSPX. And as Fr. Chazal remarked, “This disease is all the more deep because it touches the principle of non-contradiction, and in general it is incurable, in Menzingen or anywhere else.”