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Final Response of Fr. Pinaud
to Bishop Fellay

14th January, 2014

Feast of St. Hilary of Poitiers

Dear Superior General,

In the continuation of my trial, your reply of 12th December 2013 to my letter of 9th of the same month has just reached me.

You acknowledge the withdrawal of my appeal. You affirm "the coming into effect of the sentence pronounced at our meeting with Fr. Wuilloud in the penal precept of 28th October, 2013," and you ask me "to present [my]self Quam Primum at Montgardin."

After my incomprehensible eight months of waiting for my trial... I really appreciate the sudden efficiency of your personal secretary who rang up one of my brothers on 10th December 2013 and got so impatient with him that he told him off for not knowing my 'phone number! On the same day, at 9.30pm, he also rang my parents to see if I was there and to get my mobile 'phone number off them. A number which to this day doesn't appear to have been used.

When one looks up the words 'mascarade,' 'parody' and 'travesty' in a dictionary, one notices that they are all refer to court cases... This mascarade has been long, but it is finally coming to an end.

If I agreed to undergo this parody of a trial, it was not in the hope of receiving any justice, because personally I no longer have any doubt of your contempt for the idea of keeping one's word, at least since August 2011, the date of my return from Gabon.

I agreed to undergo this travesty of 'justice' only so as to provide a new opportunity for my confreres to take note of your intellectual dishonesty.

But now, enough is enough!

The exorbitantly disproportionate sentence proves, as if that were needed, that this comic and ridiculous play does not correspond to reality... it hides an unspoken desire.

Following the publication on the article of 11th November 2013 entitled: "The Condemnation-Justification of Fr. Nicolas Pinaud" you wanted to meet the author on Wednesday 20th November in Zurich, and you told him that he didn't know the whole story. You said to him that what he did not know in particular was that I was a "master manipulator" and that the trial, for me, was "only the tip of the iceberg."

The sentence is therefore punishment for "an iceberg" and "manipulation" which were not specified in the charges brought before the court... What is this iceberg and what is this manipulation?

On your part, is this not an example of purely manipulative insinuations, which you and your close collaborators are so good at?

You are well aware of how Bishop Tissier de Mallerais judges my sentence: it is null and void, because, amongst other things, the formal collaboration with which I am reproached is non-existent. 

In such conditions as these, you oblige me to refuse to continue down this hypocritical way. To submit myself once again to yet another abuse of power would harm the common good of the Society of St. Pius X.

It is therefore neither reasonable nor virtuous to prolong this comedy.

Your afflicting and cruel attitude reminds me of these words of Joan of Arc to her executioner: "Bishop, it is through you that I die."

Your blindness and your obstinacy in destroying the identity of the Society of St. Pius X are an outrage. You scorn all advice, you pursue your subversive goal relentlessly, while walking on the corpses of your priests. 

Nothing, it seems, can stop you. What can one do, other than to repeat to you these words of the Divine Master to the treacherous disciple: "What you have to do, do it quickly!"

Enough is enough!

Fr. Nicolas Pinaud

Attached: a holy card, commemorating my condemnation on 28th October, 2013


                 'Reus est mortis'

             He is worthy of death


                 Nicolas Pinaud


     In memory of suspensio a divinis

   pronounced on 28th October, 2013

             by Fr. Henri Wuilloud, 

     the judge chosen by Bishop Fellay

               and assisted by Frs.

          Pierpaolo Petrucci, assessor

    Vincent Quilton, promoter of justice

       Quid Retribuam Domino?

        What can I give back to the Lord

           for such a great honour...? ]