The Recusant

An unofficial SSPX newsletter, fighting a guerilla war for the soul of Tradition!

Sept 8, 2013
Nativity of Our Lady
Dear Friends and Benefactors,
“To write I am not able, to blog I am ashamed, therefore I know what I shall do, that when I am removed from my Priestly Fraternity I may yet be received into everlasting dwellings. . . and the Lord commended the unjust steward forasmuch as he had done wisely: for the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light. And I say to you: make unto you friends of the mammon of iniquity; that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings.” (c.f.  Lk. 16: 3-10)
Let the Wise, the Elders, and the just debate, discuss, blog, until they have informed the world, their friends as also themselves of their own wisdom, justice and uprightness of soul justifying their own positions with wise words and counsels, councils and meetings until. . . until . . . ? ? ? a better blog reduces their Neilson ratings or until. . . until. . . ??? the good lord of the Deists comes down to rewind the wrist watch of time. Meanwhile. . . Every man for himself, fighting a balanced, “guerrilla (Kuala bear) war.” Certainly the old wise man knows the importance of not overstraining oneself, and taking one’s meds on time—avoiding addiction of course. We need more information—its an information age—more truth on the web etc. The wise and just will weigh all things in the balance, such as the Truth of Christ’s Faith on the one side and its steady abandonment on the other by the neo-Traditionalists of the neo-SSPX and its new friends in the Ecclesia Dei Communities. Wherever you are, there remain so long as you don’t worry but keep yourself informed. As long as you know the Truth, speak to your friends of it over moderate balanced proportions of non genetically modified, moderately priced decent quality alcohol with some Tradition behind it, that’s the key to preserving your wisdom untainted until. . .??? better times chosen by God, of course. The Wise do not rush Providence , but wait for the Good God's Divine welfare check.
Enough for the wise. Many blogs and forums are available to feed their wisdom and keep them informed. What are the unjust stewards, the simple foolish, sinful souls to do in their plight? What are those who lack the wisdom to decipher all the newspeak of the SSPX from the former Truespeak of its Founder? What future is there for young sinners who need clear unequivocal, unambiguous teaching in order to preserve the Faith of their Fathers that holy Faith which they must keep unstained, untainted until death in all too stained, tainted and sinful souls? What is to be done with old sinners who in their poor excessive simpleness see only a repetition of the Vatican II of their youth in their present SSPX chapels? What are the ostracized and rejected to do—souls of simple, all too ignorant sheep untrained in the art of eating “life-giving” internet grains of wheat? These simple souls don’t know which credit card to use in order to have overnighted from absolution for sins, Holy Communion, a living voice to teach them the Faith they don’t know well how to read.
The Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Incarnate God is an Incarnational Church. This Holy Mother cannot be without “other Christs” incarnationally going about with His blessings, Sacraments, publishing Him who is The Truth. Perhaps the wise can live without these things, since their wisdom supplies. Perhaps the rich need not live without these things since their money can always pay a priest to live with them and provide for their personal needs—but what of the rest of men? What of the poor whom our Divine Founder so Loved? What of the Lost Sheep Our Divine Shepherd sought? What of prodigal sons Our Divine Father eagerly awaited and captured for a feast? What of the weak and cowardly Apostles that Our Divine, Risen Lord sought and healed? What of the doubting Apostles, to whom Our Divine Lord and Most Divine God showed His scars, that their doubts may be gently washed away?
Is the Good God only going to save the wise, the strong, the good souls that have to prove themselves first? If this is true, then our unchanging God has changed. If He has changed, he was not God to begin with, or maybe, the Modernists are right and God has evolved. Let those who believe such, either convert or be damned in God’s unchanging fire of Divine Justice in Hell.
Most of us, Shepherds and sheep alike, are unjust stewards or poor sinners who wish only to pour their tears on the feet of the Divine Lord of infinite Merciful love. Surely that Lord, who is more technical than modern technology, can send us shepherds--even if they be unjust stewards that forgive others (since they also are in need of great forgiveness themselves) and teach the Truth so that they may be received in everlasting dwellings. If, as some wise commentators have recently said "things are worse now than in the days of the Holy Archbishop" then it is indeed more urgent that we apply the remedy of the Holy Archbishop founder of the SSPX and continue his work of forming priests, weak in their humanity but strong in unbending Faith in Jesus Christ the King of Our universe, King of all Societies whether of Angels, men or ants, King of all Truth and in a word King of all things great and small.
We do not need especially intelligent, or strong men, but rather men aware of their ineptitude, sinfulness, etc. and who at the same time are willing to abandon their frail minds, hearts and bodies to the God of all Creation, that God who formed each thing perfectly in an instant over 6 days of His Creative Work. That God who rested from the work of Creation on the 7th Day. That God who took up the work of  re-creating (Mirabilius Reformasti) Man, due to his tragic fall, on the Day called Good Friday, where God through blood and sweat Re-Created, re-stretched, and reformed man "more wonderfully" upon the Cross. 
Man has fallen again, and The Lord God wants "Other Christs" Apostles of Creation and Re-Creation who will go out clothed as was Adam in Grace and Faith to wounded and abandoned souls, crying for help. These Apostles of Creation must go to a devolving demonic world preparing for the Anti-Christ in order to speak the words of God, believing with unflinching Faith in their power and unequivocal Truth and ready to bleed and sweat stretched out on the Crosses of Airplanes, Trains, Automobiles, hotel Rooms, and rented halls, to confess Souls in stairways, to encourage souls in garages, telling them that "the  Kingdom of God is at hand, yeah it is even at the doors." The day is far advanced the night is at hand, we must work to save souls. Souls cannot be saved with half-truths and mediocre teaching. Christ told us: "Where I am there also my minister shall be."(Jn. 12:26) What an exciting time to be a priest of God. We go where the faithful call, not knowing whom we shall meet in the way. Pray that The Lord God send weak ministers who will confound the strong, men of Charity who will be the terror of the Cruel wicked spirits of this world, Men of Simplicity who will confound the latest and greatest high-tech ways of Gods enemies, Men whose only weapon is The Truth stretched out on a Cross, whose only enemy is Lies and the Father of Lies, whose only hope is their Mother, the Mother of all those who want to love Her Son in His Crucified Physical and Mystical Body.
On October 20, 2013 We will begin, by the grace of God, a Seminary under the protection of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, under the Guidance of Our Lady of Good Success, with all hope and confidence in Our Lady of Fatima, to form young men of unflinching Faith,  Apostles of Creation, warriors against the Satanic enemy of all Creation and its Good God. These Apostles must have an uncompromising Supernatural Faith as did our ancient forefathers in the Church. Over the last year I have visited more than 120 priests of Tradition. More than 30 of them are priests of "the Resistance" another 60 or so are either fully or partially supporting "the Resistance."  More than 20 young men from around 10 different countries have expressed interest in joining this Seminary of "the Resistance." Others have requested brotherhood as well. Many old Warrior priests have told us "you must begin, the situation is too grave, we can no longer recommend our young men to enter the theologically devolving Seminaries of the SSPX." 
We don't have a 50million dollar facility, but a Spartan, dilapidated one in need of great repair. We begin anyway in the same place where Fr. Cyprian began Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery back in 1989 in the midst of "the Holy Land of Kentucky," where between 1808 and 1848 the early Missionaries of the United States were formed. Within 20 Miles of our little Seminary and Novitiate are the bones of more than 100 of those early pioneer priests.
God bless all of you, please keep us "unjust stewards" in your prayers,
in Christ,
Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

 We must continue the vision and work of our Founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. A new vision has replaced his in the neo-SSPX. We remain with the vision, Faith and spirit of our Founder. 
  Young men interested in a vocation to the Priesthood or Brotherhood please contact us at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 1730 N. Stillwell Rd. Boston, KY 40107