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French District Comminique
concerning the
Letter from 37 Priests

Suresnes, 7th March, 2013

A letter, supposedly signed by 37 priests of the district of France was published several days ago on an anonymous website.

After taking the time to check this out, we are able to say that it was just a confabulation.

If this is unfortunately true that a few priests did anonymous and gravely subversive actions against the authority of the Society, so that they could obtain the resignation of their superiors, they represent only a small number [of priests].

Three of them have been immediately relieved of their apostolate.

We express our deep sorrow about this attitude, since it does not rest on nothing objective (*). Those priests have been moved by irrational distrust against the authority of the Society when it [the Society] only continues its role of maintaining and defending the faith in the serious crisis that the Church is going through.

In this month of March, as the Society of Saint Pius X is consecrated to Saint Joseph, it hands its confidence in the supernatural help that the patron of the Holy Church never missed to grant.

However hard this trial is, the Society peacefully continues its apostolical work, in faithfulness to the line that his Excellency Archbishop Lefebvre, its founder, to restore everything in Christ.

Father Régis de Cacqueray, Superior of the District of France

(*) The unchanged positions of the Society have been reminded by Bishop Fellay in the conference he gave in Nantes on the 1st of March and by my editorial of the letter to friends and benefactors of March the 3rd.