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Letter to the Faithful
Two Dominican Teaching Sisters



Friday, September 12, 2014,

Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

dear parents,
dear children,
dear friends,

You have probably heard the rumor that two sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Name of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Brignoles) have been dismissed, allegedly relieved from their vows, and branded as perjurers by their superiors.

What the rumor does not say is the profound reason for this painful outcome. With orders to at least publicly go along with the slow but sure process of rallying to official Rome that is eating away at their Congregation, or to leave the place, the two sisters have chosen to leave so as to continue their Institute’s work: the education and formation of Christian girls in times of apostasy.

Our choice was driven by the desire to be faithful to the spirit of our Congregation, an uncompromising spirit of faith, such as was handed down to us by Fr. Calmel. As such, we are highly indebted to our superiors and to our sisters, who were able to transmit to us the Dominican life, love for the Church and for children. However, certain facts or strange remarks that have been occurring more and more frequently have caused a sense of perplexity and indignation in us: prudent silence regarding the Roman deviancy; insistence on what in Rome seemed conservative (e.g., the “consecration” of the Pope to Our Lady of Fatima, the orthodox sermon at Sainte Marthe, the parish Rosary, etc.); the favorable attitude towards those of all kinds who have rallied (“Yes, of course, at the beginning Archbishop Lefebvre condemned them, but now we must get real; we must recognize that they are staying the course; we have to work with them.” “It is awkward to say in public that the Motu Proprio Masses are to be absolutely avoided,” etc.); the inversion of values: “You see, the fight for the faith is all well and good, but what can we do about the salvation of souls?”; or: “To keep “peace” between us, lets stop stirring up doctrinal issues.” To this was added the unconditional support for Bishop Fellay, aided by the powerful law of silence imposed on our houses. We have needed the help and light from families and brave friends to see more clearly in this downward slide.

We have lived increasingly against the current in the midst of the mothers and sisters with whom we could no longer exchange views. What they at first told us was a simple difference of opinion, has merited our being sent back our families to reflect and to punish us. But to amend our ways would be a betrayal.

Now we are resolved to turn the page, leaving the care of probing hearts to the God of all mercy.

What are we planning to do? Simply continue our religious life. We are nothing. We have nothing. We can do very little, but God seems to want to entrust children to us. We will not refuse the work to a reasonable extent, so as to “inscribe the Name of Jesus on the hearts and foreheads of children,” as our first founder, Mr. Vincens (1800) said. The heavy responsibility that rests on our shoulders requires much reflection, time and prudence. For now we are installed here in Saint-Remy-en-Mauges for several months of solitude within a religious framework. Forced to give up the patronage of the Holy Name of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, it is in the fervor of a newly imposed beginning that we place ourselves under the patronage of the Holy Name of Mary.

We are now ready to consider your requests regarding the education of your children, and your offers of financial assistance or collaboration. We hope to be able soon to assess where and when to propose the beginning of school to you, God willing. We offer thanks to all those who have already generously given their support. Without your material, and especially spiritual support, we would not have been able to resist up to this point nor could we make any plans whatsoever.

We entrust our future and yours to the Virgin Mary, to St. Dominic, to St. Catherine of Sienna and to all our patron saints, from Fr. Calmel, O.P. to our most hidden intercessors.

Sister Marie Laetitia, t.o.p. and
Sister Mary of Jesus, t.o.p., 
Dominican Teaching Sisters of the Holy Name of Mary