The Recusant

An unofficial SSPX newsletter, fighting a guerilla war for the soul of Tradition!

Public Profession of Faith and Resistance
of the
Familia Beatae Mariae Semper Virginis,
Candeias, Salvador, Brazil

To those who maintain and, with God’s help, seek to continue maintaining the Sacred Deposit of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith: Pax Christi in Regno Christi.


See how His Lordship Bishop Richard Williamson the dauntless and serene warrior of the Faith, one of the bishops bequeathed by Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre to continue his valuable work in defence of the Faith and sanctity of the Church – this admirable Msgr. Richard Williamson has been expelled from the Society of Saint Pius X by the still respected General Council of this body, that is, by Msgr. Bernard Fellay and his Council.


Immediately after the punishment we indirectly heard of the serene, firm, just and charitable reply which the wronged prelate gave to this.


The event recalls another similar. It is reported that, when word came to him that he had been declared excommunicated by decree of the Roman authorities during the unfortunate reign of John Paul II, His Grace Msgr. Marcel Lefebvre declared that the decree was of no significance, since he had never belonged to the Modernist Church, born of Vatican II. It was expulsion from a body of which he had never been part.


Our wronged and illustrious prelate, with ample reason, said the same thing in the Open Letter that he published in response to the deplorable decree of expulsion which he received from Msgr. Fellay: “… the exclusion will be more apparent than real. I have been a member of the Archbishop’s Society ever since my perpetual engagement. I have been one of its priests for 36 years. I have been one of its bishops, like yourself, for nearly a quarter of a century. That is not all to be wiped out with one stroke of a pen. Member of the Archbishop’s Society I therefore remain, and I wait”.


“Had you remained faithful to the Archbishop’s heritage, and had I myself been notably unfaithful, gladly I would recognise your right to exclude me. But things being as they are, I hope I shall not be lacking in the respect due to your office if I suggest that, for the glory of God, for the salvation of souls, for the internal peace of the Society and for your own eternal salvation, you would do better yourself to resign as Superior General than to exclude myself. May the good Lord give you the grace, the light and the strength to perform such an outstanding act of humility and of devotion to the common good of everybody.


And so, as I have often finished the letters I have written to you over the years, Dominus tecum: may the Lord be with you”.


With these moving words, full of faith and charity, the admirable Bishop Williamson – defamed and, as others are courageous enough to say, a marked man – concludes the Catholic monument that is his admirable Open Letter, in response to the wretched Bishop Fellay. It is so mysterious but evident that the Good Lord transfered the Sceptre of Truth from the hands of Msgr. Lefebvre to Msgr. Richard Williamson. Behold England which, in the sixteenth century under Henry VIII, betrayed her Mother the Holy Church, now, through another Englishman make amends to the same Mother. Blessed be God!


In the face of world-wide havoc which Catholic Liberalism has unleashed on the Church, beginning with its ruling hierarchy, Bishop Williamson perseveres, faithful to the sacred legacy of the founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.


The bishop continues to follow the final resolve of Archbishop Lefebvre not to accept any sort of practical agreement with the Roman authorities so long as they do not repudiate the errors they have professed and declare themselves in perfect communion with the condemnations and doctrinal warnings given by the last popes antecedent to John XXIII, that is, from Gregory XVI to Pius XII.


The continual betrayal implemented by the governing authorities of the Society of Saint Pius X in the last twelve years is now exposed world-wide before friends and enemies by the publication of Bishop Fellay’s response to the other three bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre. The letter, dating from April of this catastrophic year, 2012, is of the highest importance and reveals the revolutionary spirit of the leadership of the former Society of Saint Pius X. The most tragic aspect in all this is the way in which things are being conducted. Slyly retreating from the immediate signing of a practical agreement last June (“… Rome will put up with it no longer” – Bishop Fellay), an agreement at variance with the recommendations of the Chapter held by the Society, a new and much more effective tactic was adopted; a general poisoning and paralysis of minds.


Accordingly, instead of a hasty agreement which would have split the Society into two distinct and opposing factions, the leadership begins by an apparent change of face to reassure those who are dissatisfied, an attempt unfortunately only too successful, gently leading them in a liberal or semi-liberal direction.


Contrary to what might be expected – how mysterious – the other principal leaders conspicuous in the Catholic Resistance within the Society, which was the vanguard of Catholic vitality in all things against the Evil One, themselves appear unperturbed, agreeing to live in harmony with the new enemies, now unequivocally unmasked. Likewise, friendly groups here and there, who have rendered glorious services in the cause of Truth now, perhaps for the sake of lesser though not negligible concerns, are laying down their arms. This unquestionably raises the danger of their being tainted, at last, little by little, quite apart from the gravity of the mission.


How painful! It is utterly disheartening to see admirable bishops silent or inactive in the face of the increasing success of the internal encroachment by the enemy, preaching obedience to a traitorous and exquisitely artful leader, who should be ejected from power with his assistants by a sensible [General] Chapter. And this when all of us understand that the foundation of obedience is the Holy Will of God: so solidly real that, for many years now, we have resisted even orders from the Pope, who is immovable by us, so how cannot we disobey the superior of a religious order, who can be removed quite easily, when there is a true necessity?


The Chapter of July 2012 was cowardly enough to approve the exclusion of Bishop Williamson, and to alter the directions of the Holy Founder by accepting the possibility of new conditions for an agreement with Modernist Rome, instead of maintaining faithfully the single acceptable condition laid down by Archbishop Lefebvre, namely, the conversion of Modernist Rome to the bimillenary integrity of Profession of Faith in the fullness of Catholic orthodoxy.


The demoralisation that has descended on the Society, especially after the passive attitude displayed by leading figures of the hitherto universally respected structure, in the face of manoeuvres, many of them quite blatant, by the leader and his closest supporters, has brought the situation to such a state that, even if Bishop Fellay is replaced by someone else, trust will not be restored. Nothing but the inauguration of a Reform, like the one made by St. Teresa in the Carmelite Order, can begin slowly to raise the crumbling masterpiece of Archbishop Lefebvre.


I cannot conclude without fulfilling the grave obligation of making an appeal to those faithful Fathers who, though in fear, have spoken and continue speaking anonymously, often with admirable good sense, against this tragedy which has befallen Catholic traditionalists, particularly the Society of Saint Pius X.


Forgive me, Reverend Fathers, but you will pay dearly before God for your cowardice and dereliction. Are you waiting for Society leaders yet to come? But why not take the initiative, if the fire is spreading, especially in the present process of erosion, which has served only to destroy or immobilise resistance and energies? Is it fear of punishment? You are the sons of martyrs. Remember! Stand up, even if you have to die for the Faith.


In any case, I wish also to fulfil here a serious obligation of gratitude. In the name of our little community; of souls faithful to Catholic Tradition; in the name of the Church and the world, I desire to proclaim as loudly as I can our profound gratitude to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and his wise, chaste, virtuous and zealous priests for their precious contribution in promoting the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ and truth. How can we forget the episcopal visits, the ordinations and confirmations, or what he did? How can we fail to see, still around us, admirable figures of true Catholic bishops, seminaries, the precious, solid books and magazines and, particularly for us lesser brethren, the ease with which we obtain Mass intentions, entrusted to us by the generous faithful, in a word, all the immense good that the great Archbishop fostered, which can be neither exhaustively recorded here nor forgotten.


Msgr. Williamson, who obviously wishes to be saved, cannot fail to respond to the sign which the Lord of the Faith gave him by his expulsion.


And I hope fervently that all those who have not bowed the knee before Baal will adhere firmly to him, since he is a bishop. Can there be a Church without a bishop? Ours are hard times, yet the Good Lord still raised up a bishop to preserve the Church. And when, some decades later, his work now crumbles, the Good Lord in His admirable Providence sees fit to raise up another for the tireless task of beginning again, just as does the individual who fights against his own misfortunes. Never lose heart. Begin again, and again, and again.


May the Immaculate Heart receive ever more from us the fifteen mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and thus lead us safely to the Heart of her Son.


I declare before God, Who will judge me, that this public profession of faith of Catholic resistance, and rejection of the Revolution is made here in my name and in the name of every member of our little community, the Familia Beatae Mariae Virginis.


From the Monastery of Our Lady of the Faith and the Rosary, Candeias, Brazil, on 14th November 2012, memorial of the martyrdom of Saint Serapion, a Mercedarian religious and glorious English martyr for the Catholic Faith.


Father Jahir Britto de Souza, and Religious Brothers.