The Recusant

An unofficial SSPX newsletter, fighting a guerilla war for the soul of Tradition!

Some Messages of Support

sent to the
Crisis in the SSPX Conference

01st June, 2013

Dear Fellow Catholics.

I do wish I could be in London to participate in your conference this weekend, but I have a prior commitment to travel to Iceland, then cruise the Norwegian fjords, and continue to Copenhagen. I will be lecturing on Ibsen, as well as that great Norwegian novel by Catholic convert Sigrid Undset Kristin Lavransdatter, and Hamlet. I am actually very much looking forward to the cruise as I am one-quarter Norwegian and have never visited Norway before. I did, however, grow up with the smell of lutefisk in my nostrils as my dear Aunt Arlene cooked it every New Year’s Eve for my Uncle Bob (he was the only family member who would actually eat the wretched stuff). But the stench of the lutefisk is nothing compared to the stinking lies about you and your conference that have been cooked up by the father of lies and spread in the media. No doubt this vicious attack has caused you some consternation, but know for a certainty that such a public firestorm of false abuse is a clear indication that you are on the right side and doing Our Lord’s work. If you are being smeared by the media with the same brush with which they sought to tar your good compatriot Bishop Williamson, then take it as an honor!
In the last act of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, when events look hopeless and the ghosts of the hero’s family cry to heaven in complaint, Jupiter descends on an eagle and rebukes them for not having trusted in Divine Providence. In fact, Jupiter states directly: “Be not with mortal accidents oppressed,/ No care of yours it is, you know ‘tis ours./ Whom best I love, I cross; to make my gift the more delayed, delighted. Be content...” I wish you and all of us holding to the fullness of the Catholic faith and carrying on the banner of the good Archbishop Lefebvre many, many more such crosses. They are indeed a sign of God’s love for us. And they make us look forward with greater and greater anticipation to that day when, God willing if we hold the faith in its fullness, we will find delight in God’s eternal gifts.
If I could not join you now, I certainly hope through God’s grace to join you then!
Your friend in the ongoing battle and yours in Christ and His Blessed Mother,
David Allen White


2nd June, 2013

Dear Fathers and dear friends of the Catholic Resistance,

It was my intention a while ago to send a more substantial contribution than this one, but I have been on the run since March 21st, and it is only today, at 6PM your time, that I will get out of hiding and resume a public ministry.

For those of you who do not know my story, I refused to follow a transfer order, dated March 13th, to go from Langley (British Columbia) to the Canadian SSPX headquarters in Montreal (Quebec). This order was a consequence of my many sermons made since May 27th, 2012 in opposition to the Revolution in the SSPX. (Only three of them, and a French conference have been recorded).  In my communications with my district Superior, Fr. Jurgen Wegner, I was clearly told more than once that I would not anymore be allowed to criticize the authorities, and that I would have to follow the official line. I refused to go along with this plan, because I wanted to save my soul. Knowing what I know, it would indeed have been a grave sin for me, as a priest, to remain silent for the sake of material security and good reputation. Therefore, having packed my belonging and put most of it in storage, I left the Langley Priory on March 21st, and went on a trip to stay with some good faithful. On March 28th, I issued a public Declaration to explain why I refused to submit to the neo-SSPX.

During these two months and a half, I had to move four times. I also had to work “undercover”, many times in lay clothes.This was absolutely imperative to avoid my location being known by the SSPX authorities, and I could not take the risk of a chance encounter with some faithful. From a distance, I worked with a group of likeminded former parishioners. Although many of them had wanted to start their own chapel since the day my transfer was announced, I insisted on them taking the time to study hard. I wanted the decision to be based on convictions rather than on emotions. Therefore, they met every Sunday after Mass, studying the main documents related to the SSPX crisis, and some articles I wrote for them. I also had issues of the Recusant magazine circulated among the members. They all loved the clarity and the tone of the magazine. It has been a tremendous help for me and for them. Finally, on May 15th, when they became really convinced and strong, I left my latest hiding place and moved back to Langley to meet with the group.We all decided it was time for action. They all pledged what monthly donation they could do, and the tally showed we were able to rent a modest apartment for myself, and a hall to have Sunday Mass. I got some donations from friends and strangers, and thus was able to purchase the necessary items for the setting up of a chapel. God’s Providence was always with me throughout these weeks, and I was able to get my apartment furnished for only $55!

Very dear Fathers and friends, on this Solemnity of Corpus Christi, it is with a great joy, that, thanks to the help of the good Lord, I can announce to you that we are celebrating our first Mass today at 10AM our time, 6PM yours. Following a promise made to St. Joseph, we decided to name our Resistance chapel: “St. Joseph, Defender of the Church”, and I will be celebrating the Mass in his honor every first Sunday of the month, starting today. It is our hope that the existence of this chapel, which has been started from scratch, could encourage other faithful and priests to do the same. My apartment has its own little chapel and will soon have the Blessed Sacrament. For all practical purposes, we can say that it is the first Priory of the Resistance in Canada. I am ready to welcome and help any other priest who wants to join the Resistance. I have no doubt that God will inspire many generous souls to send us donations. Tomorrow, our website will officially open, and people will be able to go there and learn what to do to support the Priory. In the next couple of days, we will post, in French and in English, the video recording of our first Mass. The name of the website is SACRIFICIUM.ORG. I chose that name because the center of History is the Sacrifice of Our Lord, and this sacrifice is under attack in the conciliar Church since the creation of the Bastard Mass, the Mass of Luther, the Novus Ordo Missae. The neo-SSPX has ceased to be horrified by this abomination, going so far as to recognize its legitimacy (cf. Bishop Fellay’s declaration of April 15th 2012). The other reason for this name is that a lot of sacrifices are required from the priests and the faithful who want to continue the fight against the New Mass and the other errors and reforms and scandals of the New Church. We want to unite our sacrifices to that of Our Lord. This Holy Sacrifice and Immaculate Victim, “Sanctum Sacrificium, Immaculatam Hostiam”, is the source of our strength and what we want to fight and die for.

We are counting, dear Fathers and friends of the Resistance, on your prayers, and we are keeping you all in ours.

Fr. Patrick Girouard, together with his group of 25 adults and 10 children.


St. Joseph's Carmel
1st June, 2013

Dear Fathers, Dear Faithful of the Resistance!

Fr. Zaby has just notified us of your call for help. We are in spirit with you and we pray with fervour. May your conference through the special graces of the most holy hearts of Jesus and Mary serve to strengthen you in faith and love. Being put so much under public pressure brings you closer to those martyrs who in the first centuries were viewed as enemies of the state and of society, worthy of persecution. Those who allow themselves to be enlightened by God will recognise the truth.

When Sr. Lucia of Fatima was asked about the Third Secret, she pointed to the 12th and 13th Chapter of the Apocaöypse which refers to a beast emerging from the sea:
     "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them. ... Here is the patience and faith of the saints." (Apoc. 13, vv.7&10)

In Germany too, the injunctions (in practical terms, it amounts to excommunications) are beginning to be issued by Fr. Schmidberger. Everybody who kills you thinks that he is doing a service to God (killing through slander also falls into this category). In the hearts of Jesus and Mary lies our strength and our trust.

Today we will carry out extra mortifications on your behalf and recommend ourselves to your prayers.

   Your Sisters of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.