The Recusant

An unofficial SSPX newsletter, fighting a guerilla war for the soul of Tradition!

A Letter of Appeal

to the
Faithful of the Resistance

 June 21, 2013

Dear Faithful of the Resistance,

It has been over a year now since a resistance movement started against the new direction of the SSPX leadership. We've witnessed this past year the infamous CNS interviews of Bishop Fellay, the postponing of ordinations of those within religious communities, the awful six conditions of the 2012 SSPX General Chapter, the expulsion from the SSPX of Bishop Williamson and priests faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre, the persecution of the faithful by denying them the sacraments, and most recently the publication of a betrayal of the Catholic Faith, that is, the Doctrinal Declaration of Bishop Fellay dated April 15, 2012. And despite all this, what have we heard the SSPX priests who have been especially formed to combat Liberalism and Modernism? Next to nothing! All but one SSPX bishop (Bishop Williamson) and a handful of SSPX priests have had the fortitude to stick their necks out for the sake of souls - Frs. Pfeiffer, Chazal, Hewko, Ortiz, Girouard - to name a few. Some of the priests who did originally speak out were immediately silenced and have unfortunately remained silent.

In response to these outrages coming from the SSPX leadership, many of us had decided a while ago to leave the SSPX for good. Others made that decision more recently. However, we now firmly believe that enough has transpired for those supportive of the Resistance to make an exit from their SSPX chapels. It should be clear to us by now that the public fight for the Faith in the SSPX bishops and priests has dissipated. They are no longer doing what the Church has always done, that is, publicly condemn error no matter who is promoting it. We thought that this silence from the SSPX priests would not be possible given their formation, but the facts over the past year speak for themselves. We have painfully learned that it was easy for them to condemn error when those who were promoting it were at a distance and thereby have had very little impact on their daily lives. But valor is tested when one's own welfare is at stake. And it is sad to say that most SSPX priests have not shown the necessary fortitude when the fight for the Glory of God and salvation of souls presented itself in their own backyard.

Therefore, in the wake of this realization, we make an appeal to you to stop supporting, morally and financially, the neo-SSPX and its priests. This includes abandoning the SSPX chapels for Mass. We know it is a very difficult decision; we've had to go through the same. The lack of peace is the soul’s great enemy, but we are now at peace because our actions are fully consonant with our beliefs. The Faith comes first; everything else follows. Remember that Joan of Arc was prohibited from receiving the sacraments; nonetheless, she persisted in her belief to the point of being burnt at the stake. Who after her death was proclaimed a saint? We ask, instead, that you place your full support behind those who now carry the torch of Archbishop Lefebvre and most importantly, Catholic Tradition. This may then encourage more priests to come and join the Resistance.

Yours in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

Stephen Camidge
Alena Camidge
Tony La Rosa
Michal Leonczuk
Marzena Leonczuk
Alicia Rusche
James Saul
Christine Saul
Anthony Wahl
Shawny Wahl