The Recusant

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French District Superior,
Fr. Christian ("The-Jews-did-not-commit-Deicide") Bouchacourt

Responds to the Letter of Seven local SSPX Superiors
and Three Religious Superiors

Concerning the Roman Marriage Proposal


The District Superior

+ Suresnes, 7th May , 2017 

To all the priests of the district of France

Subject: SSPX Marriages

Dear Colleagues,

This morning you had to receive or read on the internet a statement signed by seven priors and the superiors of the Capuchins, the Benedictines and the Fathers of Mérigny.

I totally and firmly condemn and reject the subversive manner in which this statement was spread. Prepared in secret, among selected brethren, in order to surprise, to destabilize and to present the superiors with a fait accompli, it treats the faithful like hostages and makes them the judges of priests and superiors.

The authors of this statement are in a hurry to impose their own interpretation of Cardinal Müller’s letter on our marriages as being the only just and possible one. Persuaded that they are right, they did not have the prudence to submit their text to their superiors. They regard their appreciation of the situation as the only true one, which must be imposed using all means, even the least legitimate means.

God cannot bless such an initiative whose deadly fruits are now being manifested: internal quarrels and additional divisions within and between our communities. The faithful are the first to suffer it. How can vocations germinate and develop in a religious family that is tearing itself apart?

It is up to each of us to confront this new trial which our district is going through, rejecting all cooperation in the distribution of this commentary, to hold it as worthless and despise it as insignificant and good for nothing except to be thrown away.

For several days I asked been asking our theologian confreres to prepare a text giving clarification on the letter of Cardinal Müller. Having received the endorsement of the General House, I am including it for you with this letter.

I entrust to your prayers, dear colleagues, our district which, must deal with a new storm which has arisen unfortunately from within our ranks. May Our Lord and Our Lady help us to rediscover our unity in truth and charity for the good of our souls and that of the faithful who are entrusted to us. 

Father Christian BOUCHACOURT