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SSPX Modernism: "The Flying Squirrel" scandal deepens

Posted by The Editor on January 22, 2014 at 5:15 PM

A couple of months ago (here), we referred our readers to a new magazine published by the SSPX in India, called The Flying Squirrel. The contents of this magazine are a standing scandal, stark evidence of the slide away from the fight for Tradition, and doubtless a glimpse of what is yet to come in our own District. The whole SSPX is heading in the same direction, even if some districts are lagging behind others in the liberalism stakes. 


As pointed out previously, the magazine is littered with rank liberalism which most of us would be shocked to see coming from an Indult or conservative conciliar publication. If you think this is an exaggeration, please see for yourself here or here


An Open Letter was written by some scandalised Catholics concerning the Flying Squirrel. No response has so far been forthcoming from Menzingen. However, from the priest who as prior at the time of publication bears responsibility for the magazine, Fr. Robert Brucciani, the following response has now been made public (here): 

Dear Mr -------,

Don't worry, we have not gone all liberal. You are not the first to express wonder [about The Flying Squirrel] and so I put together an official statement:

The Flying Squirrel was conceived and produced by Fr. Christophe Beaublat who is now the prior in India. About 120 copies were printed for distribution in our Indian Mass Centres. The controversial edition [of The Squirrel] referred to in the open letter to Bishop Fellay was printed without my approval one week before Fr Beaublat took over as prior. When I pointed out the controversial parts of the edition (controversial because passages could be interpreted as a sign of liberalism), Fr. Beaublat did not agree with my judgement. I did not insist that the copies be destroyed before they were distributed because I judged:

    • That the inclusion of the controversial parts were the result of Fr. Beaublat's charitable and generous interpretation of 
      • the Pope's utterances
      • the apostolic works of modern Catholics
      • the benefits of eccentric meditation techniques and alternative medical therapies
    • That the few faithful who read the publication would be forgiving or uncomprehending
    • That, as I would become his subordinate within the week, it would have made our relationship very difficult.

Unfortunately, I did not foresee the scurrilous campaign of the dishonourable priests who have the effrontery of calling themselves the "Resistance" or even worse, "The Marian Corps". Fr. Beaublat is not a liberal, he is just indulgent (perhaps to a fault). As far as I am aware, Fr. Beaublat must now submit any further publications to the District Superior before printing.

Finally, for the record, the Salve Regina magazine used to be the Tamil publication of the priory. When Fr. Valan left India, he continued to publish the magazine without authorisation from his new post in the Philippines, so, instead of his superiors preventing this, they decided that the priory publication should change its name. It was changed to SANCTA MARIA and is still published every two months.

In Jesu et Maria,

Father Robert Brucciani


Note the difference: Fr. Beaublat is not really a liberal. Yes alright, he may print a magazine which contains practically nothing but conciliarism, but that's because he's so generous! It's the Resistance who are the scurrilous ones for objecting to this! Who do they jolly-well think they are?!? And anyway, the faithful are mostly too stupid to notice that they're being fed liberalism, so what's the problem?!


Lest anyone be tempted by the allure of Fr. Brucciani's tone, we invite you to read the Flying Squirrel for yourself (follow the link above) and to decide for yourself whether its contents are merely "controversial" because they "could [you never know! It's just possible!] be interpreted [after all, some people like to read into things!] as a sign [as in, a faint little hint!] of liberalism" - or whether the publication is a disgrace, containing blatant liberalism, modernism and heresy, whose very existence a standing scandal for which, in the days of Archbishop Lefebvre (or the pre-conciliar Church), heads would have immediately rolled. 


PS - The little attack on Fr. Valan is, we are reliably informed, unfounded.


PPS - Many people in Great Britain will remember Fr. Robert Brucciani: he was stationed in our District after his ordination and has only been gone six or seven years. Take note. Let this be a salutory warning.




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Reply anonymous
10:13 AM on January 25, 2014 
We appreciate your diligence, in keeping up with these miscreants. How do you find the time for it? ... You must lead a hectic life, Ed.