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SSPX in Poland caught promoting Ecclesia Dei

Posted by The Editor on June 15, 2013 at 11:10 AM

In a piece on the SSPX Polish District website, upcoming SSPX ordinations at Winona, Econe and Zaitskofen are mentioned in the same breath as ordinations of the FSSP the Institute of Christ the King and the "not-the-Redemptorists". Incredible though it may sound that any of the clever, conniving politicians in the SSPX hierarchy would let their true feelings show in this way, yet on this one occasion the mask was allowed to slip. On the whole they are careful not to let it happen too often lest too many faithful wake up to what is happening to the SSPX. The last time the SSPX leadreship felt able to reveal their thoughts in all their alarming candour was in the run up to what everyone thought would be an announcement of a canonical deal with Rome, about this time last year. Bishop Fellay and Fr. Pfluger thought they were home and dry, and began to count their proverbial chickens before they had hatched. If you are ever unsure of what Bishop Fellay's thinking is, we recommend that you look again at the CNS interview (here) or re-read his letter to the three SSPX bishops (here), or his June 2012 DICI interview (here). But since Rome 'disappointed Bishop Fellay, the mask has been firmly back on - the liberalising and softening-up of the SSPX proceeds apace, but all the while the faithful must be reassured that nothing ha s changed! This little article from Poland is the latest small piece of evidence which belies such official reassurances.


Our copy of the English translation of the piece has been available in the "Reference Materials" section for a short time, here. However, since then the webmaster of the SSPX Poland site has altered his original article (here), removing from it the approving references to the Ecclesia Dei groups and their respective ordinations. You may wish to ask yourself why that might be.

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