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News from Fr. Girouard

Posted by The Editor on March 27, 2013 at 11:55 AM

[Source: Un Eveque S'est Leve]


As many of you will be aware, Fr. Girouard delivered some sermons and talks last summer (June and July) regarding the proposed agreement with Rome, in the first of which he did nothing but quote from the book "A Catechism of the Crisis in the Church", by Fr. Gaudron. 

What some of you may not have realised, is that he was also the author of the Commentary on Bishop Fellay's Proposed Preamble which appeared shortly after the publication of that infamous document, only a few weeks ago. He is the assistant priest at the SSPX Priory at Langley, near Vancouver, Canada. Below is some information on what has been happening with him recently. 


Sunday, 10th March

When making the announcements before the sermon, he informed his parishioners of the latest news of the resistance to the sellout: about the German Carmel, about Dom Raphael OSB being expelled from his monastery by Fr. Cyprian, about the 'Letter of the 37' (its contents and its consequences), and whilst explaining the news, he made clear his support for them. He also set out his "Brief Commentary on the Doctrinal Preamble". He finished by saying that Langley is the only parish in North America, or even in the world, where the faithful have received the complete truth about all these things, given how the Menzingen guillotine is still making the heads of priests (and a Bishop) roll for daring to oppose Menzingen's change of position. He compared matters with the General Chapter of 2006, a change which was given the official seal of approval by the 2012 General Chapter. He concluded by saying that he realised that he knew that he would have to pay the price, but that he had only the one soul and that he didn't want to lose it by becoming an accomplice through silence.


13th March

Fr. Wegner, District Superior of Canada, told Fr. Girouard over the phone that he was transferring him to the District Headquarters at St.Cesaire (near Montreal), 4,500km away, and that he had to be there by 28th March, so that, in his own words, "we can keep a close watch on you." He was being given a formal order, no dicussion allowed! A priest would be travelling up from Post Falls (USA) to replace him at the 10am Mass on Sunday 17th March.


14th March

Fr. Wegner changed the date from 28th to 24th March, and informed Fr. Girouard that no further criticism of superiors would be tolerated. The future pastoral work of Fr. Girouard, as well as his access to the Internet, would, he said, depend on his future attitude. What's more, in his letter to the Canadian priests regarding the transfer, Fr. Wegner denounced the content of Fr. Girouard's emails and private conversations which had been being surveiled since 10th March, showing that at the District HQ at St. Cesaire, the least little word of opposition to the position of the current SSPX authorities expressed by him would be analysed and condemned.  


17th March

Some fiathful decided to attend Fr. Girouard's Low Mass at 8.15am, before the District took control of the priory. 45 people - half the parish - were present at Mass and went on to accompany Father at a farewell meal in a privately reserved location. His first Sunday of suspension from being allowed to preach was Passion Sunday, and also his 50th Birthday. A new life was beginning for him. After the meal, Father returned to the Chapel to see the other parishioners; he was given a frosty reception. The chapel is divided between those who follow Bp. Fellay with their eyes closed and those who study the facts and documents.


21st March

After several days of packing and removals, which included a two-day trip to one of our missions, Fr. Girouard drove off in his own car. Given the distance, he couldn't have arrived at St.Cesaire before 26th March at best, more likely the 27th, and thus well after the deadline he had been given. We have learned, however, that Fr. Wegner himself will travel to Langley on 25th March to be there for Holy Week.



Until we hear again from Fr. Girouard himself, we can only speculate about his future. We know that since Spring 2012 he has had no intention of submitting to the law of silence, since his conscience will not allow it. We also know that he has received several requests from faithful of the Resistance from across Canada and the USA, to come and take care of their little groups. It appears that his former parishioners at Langley are also hoping to form a chapel around him. Furthermore, Fr. Pfeiffer's group in Kentucky has also opened its doors to him.

We hope to know more in the next few days. While we are waiting, let us make use of the graces of this Holy Week to pray for Fr. Girouard and for all the priests of the Resistance.

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Reply Carmelo
3:16 PM on March 28, 2013 
"....he has received several requests from faithful of the Resistance from across Canada and the USA, to come and take care of their little groups..."

We need to avoid this grave sin of elitism.

It s one of the causes of the fall of the SSPX.

Work hard for those souls that are most abandoned.

Help the Priests every minute of the day and night.


Toil hard in the vineyard of the Divine Master.

Expect your reward to be in Heaven.

Maybe you will be rewarded with a Mass in your town, open to all sinners and excluding not one single soul.

It happened to me.

I never in a million years would have guessed there would be a Mass in my home.

The first Mass, not only Father Pfeiffer came, but Father Hewko as well.

We need to think and act as Catholics.

Blessed be God in all His Angels, and all His Saints.

Reply Carmelo
6:10 PM on March 28, 2013 
Here is another sermon: