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France: 83-year old lady double-excommunicated!

Posted by The Editor on May 17, 2015 at 2:45 PM

Via the French Resistance website "Reconquista" comes this story:


“We have just learned that the new [SSPX] prior of Fabregues has upped the ante with excommunications. The 83-year-old lady who was excommunicated (literally) by Fr. de la Motte for having welcomed Bishop Williamson into her home, Fr. Rousseau upped the ante by declaring that this excommunication would also stand were she to dare to welcome anyone at all connected with the Resistance to her home.

Apart from the odious denial of sacraments to an elderly person in need, there is the juridical absurdity of such a sanction. What does Fr. Rousseau mean by “welcome into her home”: if Fr. Pinaud stopped by for a cup of tea on the veranda, would she be excommunicated for that?

What does he mean by “resistance person”? Is there a black list of bishops, priests, brothers and laymen who are considered “people of the resistance”? Are Enoch and Eli on it?

Beyond this aberration and this and inhumanity on the part of an SSPX prior, we see a very dangerous spirit emerging, the spirit of a shop which no longer admits the possibility of any other way of eternal salvation than Bishop Fellay, the SSPX and its new spirit.

An SSPX priest who is currently in a very important post in the French district recognised that such a punishment was falling on the congregation.

Outside the Church no salvation! That’s a dogma, it’s absolutely true!

Outside Bishop Fellay and the SSPX no salvation – that is an obvious schism. Think about it.”



Post Script - We also learn via NonPossumus that Fr. de la Motte was replaced mid-year because he recently left the SSPX to go and join the local conciliar diocese. He is not the first. How many more, before Bishop Fellay saves them the trouble...?

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