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Is this what one calls "spin"...?

Posted by The Editor on May 12, 2015 at 2:55 PM


What is the SSPX reaction to the departure of Frs. MacDonald and King?

From a reader comes the following:


   'At St. Joseph's [in London] it was announced that: "Father King had walked out


   on his parish responsibilities, leaving [Father Vandendale] to look after the whole

   of Central England single-handedly."


Given that Fr. King made sure to inform both Fr. Morgan and Bishop Fellay in advance of his intention to leave the SSPX, this is somewhat dishonest, to put it mildly. Notice also the lack of any hint of why Fr. King left - he just walked out, the implication being 'for no good reason.' This despite the declaration which Fr. King made public. As for "parish responsibilities", surely a responsibility towards the truth and towards the salvation of souls must rank highest amongst these, to say nothing of the fact that very many of his former parishioners are now (still) his current parishioners, having followed him out of the SSPX. 


Regarding Fr. MacDonald, in the latest district newsletter, Fr. Morgan writes:


   " Fr MacDonald’s departure

   On a sadder note, I regret to announce the departure of Father Edward

   MacDonald from the District just after Easter following his decision to

   undertake an independent apostolate in Australia."


Once again, note what is not said, and what is implied thereby. Fr. MacDonald is currently, to use his own words, "with the Resistance in Australia." Why is there no mention of the Resistance by Fr. Morgan? Why is there no mention by Fr. Morgan of the crucial reason why Fr. MacDonald left? Why Fr. Morgan lead the ususpecting reader to believe that Fr. MacDonald simply left on a selfish whim, for no reason - is this not uncharitable as well as dishonest? Given that Fr. MacDonald decided specifically to go and help Fr. Chazal and Fr. Picot, and that (again, in his own words) he did so at the request of Fr. Ortiz, is it not extremely misleading to say that he left to undertake "an independent ministry" - as though Fr. MacDonald simply could not be bothered to put up with obedience and superiors any longer?


Why the lack of honesty and candour? What is there to hide? Ironically, by going to such great lengths to avoid mentioning the Resistance or the crisis in the SSPX, Fr. Morgan has only drawn everyone's attention to it still further. It shows that the actions of Fr. MacDonald and Fr. King have dealt a serious blow to the "everything's-alright" / "everything's-still-the-same" version of 'reality' subscribed to by those who are living in denial. More worryingly, however, is the adoption by the SSPX of the sort of "spin" beloved of corrupt political parties and secular media. Let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no".

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