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Fr. Bouchacourt: "It's all thanks to the Pope"; Pozzo: "The Journey Continues!"

Posted by The Editor on May 6, 2015 at 12:35 PM


We refer the reader to an article which appeared a week ago in the French weekly magazine "Famille Chrettienne" ('Christian Family' - a magazine which is not even 'conservative novus ordo' - it is widely regarded as liberal even by the standards of the Novus Ordo!), a translation of which can be found here or on our Reference Materials page.


As one might expect, most of it is not "news", but it does contain some snippets of interview with Fr. Christian ("the-Jews-did-not-commit-Deicide") Bouchacourt, who takes the opportunity to praise Pope Francis as being very helpful in the matter of the SSPX recognition. Remember that it was Fr. Bouchacourt who first asked for the recognition back in 2011. He asked the then Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Fancis), the man, he says, "...who made things easier [for the SSPX to be recognised]." "Without him, it would have been impossible."


There are also some snippets of interview with Archbishop Pozzo in which, amongst other things, he says that the "journey" of "dialogue" between the SSPX and Rome "is continuing." 


Would anyone like to ask Fr. Daniel "Resistance-to-What?" Themann what this all means? 


Would anyone like to ask Fr. Jacques Emily, who insisted that "There is no accord and there will be no accord!"  (and who said that anyone who says otherwise must be "of such bad faith" see here) what this might mean?


Would someone like to ask Bishop Fellay, who said in talks in England, Ireland and elsewhere that everything is over between the SSPX and Rome, and that the talks are at an end, what this might mean?

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