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"SSPX Argentina - What Does it Mean?"

Posted by The Editor on May 2, 2015 at 8:05 AM


"The Society of Saint Pius X recognized in Argentina: what does it mean? Much more than you may think!"


We are grateful to our friends over at Non Possumus for drawing our attention to this very interesting piece of evidence concerning the recent recognition of the SSPX on the part of the conciliar church in Argentina. The article's source, the website "Rorate Caeli" will be known to many readers as being of 'indultish,' 'modernist-Rome-friendly' alignment, in a similar vein to the Fraternity of St. Peter and various other 'Ecclesia Dei' groups. If we promote this particular article, therefore, it is not because we share their sentiment, it is not because we are in agreement with them on the desirability of an SSPX-Rome agreement. Quite the contrary, it is because we are not in agreement with them that it is so interesting to note their conclusions. 


Menzingen, in its DICI press release, wishes to downplay this event, to create the impression that the Argentine conciliar “recognition” is a matter of small or no importance. These people clearly think otherwise, as even the title of their article suggests ...and they are supporters of Menzingen’s new direction! We have been warning for some time about Menzingen’s very serious problems with honesty and telling the truth. Here is a “hostile witness” who agrees with us in doubting Menzingen’s candour and honesty, especially in their last paragraph. Has ‘Rorate Caeli,’ pillar of the indultish/Ecclesia Dei internet chattering class, gone all “reactionary,” “bitter” and “hate-filled” and ended up joining the Resistance? Or could it just be that The Recusant and others were telling the truth about Menzingen and DICI all along…?!?


See for yourself and make up your own mind.



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