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Fr. Chazal: Australasia Report IV

Posted by The Editor on June 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM


Australasian Report IV

Dear Fr Pfeiffer,

We have been flying on afterburners for two years now, yet we are not running out of fuel... my health and sleep have never been so good, and i hope it is the same with you. I feel guilty for all these years when I was told "we must be prudent" "we must not overextend ourselves" "we cannot open new missions". Let us hope these painful circumstances of 2012 will wake us up for a real sense of battle and become a permanent habit. We can now press on, indefinitely and unrestrictedly, against the powers of darkness.


the situation in Australia is calling for a greater attention from us because there are now seven groups that we have to attend to, two of them sizable like Brisbane and Tynong, hovering around seventy. Everybody is praying that Australia gets a permanent priest. Mgr Hodgson is too old to help, but he could do something in Tynong proper. But rotations need to cover also Sydney (30), New Zeland(15), Streaky Bay(25), Adelaide(30), Perth(35), all three last mentioned having availed themselves of a chapel, with the Blessed Sacrament reserved with great devotion and respect. This really helps the faithfuls to hold on until the next visit. In Perth, i got several direct reports of an angry sermon of Fr Johnson against people having signed the Austrasian Declaration, threats, apologies requested, just like it was in Brisbane with Fr Taouk. The result is that the resistance is up and running in Perth, while in New Zeland, everybody is dreaming of a Fr Johnson or Taouk, but the priests there are very kind and even willing to discuss with us when we visit, Some other priests are willing to threaten and blackmail on a smaller scale, like in Adelaide, but nothing is worth the pulpit to help to fill the resistance chapels.

The organisation and communication in Australia is remarkable, and i hope the Bishop's tour is going to further solidify the whole and resolve difficulties that may arise... but...

Lo and behold, there is no more denying to it. It is the Jewish media itself that claims that the australian Jewish lobbies have obtained the denial of entry of the Bishop down under; after the matter had be brought to their attention by a catholic, very strange. All this reminds of the necessity of availing a few extra bishops for the now sizable world of the Resistance.

Fr Valan is the consolation prize this time, and His Lordship is delegating us the power to confirm, as done in mission territory or in time of persecution, which is now arriving. Many of you confreres are uncomfortable wwith this, and I don't know about the faithfuls.


Unlike Australia, i have been able to find priestly help, but the mission keeps on multiplying. Fr Suelo is doing very well at last, after more than a year of problematic health (lung infection, diet problems etc.). The doctors were eventually able to find the problem and restore the lungs to an extent, and the good food at the Seminary with the constant attention of the seminarians and staff did the rest. But it took time. Some other priestly reinforcement gave a whole round of priestly visitations during and after i came to Australia, covering Zamboanga, Illigan, Camiguin, Surigao, Maasin, Hindang, Ormoc, Cebu, Danao, leaving to me Dagohoy, Liloan, Iloilo and little upstart in Cavite. Fr Suelo is going to open the operations in Mindoro island, but i am not sure he is going to return to Tanay. There is a little group calling in Caticlan one and a half hour by car from Iloilo. Davao is calling now, so the honour is yours, let alone the conversion of your brother, Fr Tim...

We have been trying to open a documentation and public event venue right in the heart of the university belt of Quiapo in Manila, but the local Manila faithful were much opposed to it, most of them coming from the southern side of the city, and somebody else got the deal. I might try another similar attempt in Cebu. In the meantime we continue to say mass at the House of Julie Cordova, for a little group, but they are thinking to open a chapel in Las Pinas. Manila is out of reach financially, Providence is still leading us to the province.

Some hope of two new microseminarians soon evaporated as the two boys longed for a Novus Ordo Seminary, saying "The life is good and easy over there". I told them yes, it will be disneyland... all the way to hell. It was a trial run from day one, but i did not expect it to be so short.


For a year or so, i faced big difficulties in Hindang. You know that fr Ghela did his best to dissuade them to come to our mass “their mass has no grace” “they are without jurisdiction” “they are rebellious”, and sometimes I even came with a choir party from Maasin, just to see that no one was going to attend.. Another time I got this line “I like your mass, Father, but please don't say the mass here.” “But it's Sunday.” “Yes Father, but my mom is here...” But like the miraculous microscopic statue of Our Lady and thanks the fighting spirit of Ariel, we had thirty people in a little makeshift chapel. I told Ariel that we shall call ‘bamboo cathedral’ the new place he is proposing to acquire. When Ariel is there to call the locals, thirty people come. Last time, as I was getting down the bus with Brother John, an old lady saw us and followed us wondering who we were... she attended the mass and will come next time with others. It is always better not to have a car, and wear the habit, something a few XSPX priests are losing these days, to the bewilderment some of my own Filipino faithful.

In Ormoc, things are coming around really well with the new bamboo cathedral, built with the means of the locals for 70000 pesos. They did it so as not to diminish our building fund that stands now at 416000 pesos, thanks in a big part to a Swiss benefactor. I have not yet transferred the Australian donations on it, but with a little push, we shall be able to build the school basement, once we have a plot of land. The effect of a visible place of worship on the villagers is noticeable, six more baptisms and 120 in attendance last time. But they don't come in the morning, like the 2000 Mexicans who called us in Long Island, back in 2002, and who were not accommodated to my great distress. But for Ormoc as ever the key is the key faithful we have on location. There were some attempts of the XSPX to sweet talk people away, and after typhoon Yolanda XSPX cash handovers were massive around us, but of late I am not hearing anything about Fr Daniels, Salvador, Ghela in these parts.

In Maasin, the group holds on very well, same as Santa Cruz. I am opening a building account to put an upper floor chapel at the same level where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved, the local family having given us permission to build. then we got a call from Lilo-an, at the southern tip of Leyte. After their first encounter with us, the local Novus Ordo priest flew in a rage and promised retaliation under both kinds, spiritual and temporal, to scare this little group of twenty. So their calling us is on and off, but they are now gathering their courage and call us again. We have now 300 souls in Leyte.


It is poised to repeat the Leyte story, and i leave you the honour of opening the Missions that are now calling us in the rest of the area, besides Camiguin, Illigan, Linamon and Zamboanga. These four stations are east Mindanao, the whole rest of the large island will be covered thanks to the reinforcements we are getting, and because the xspx is not answering satisfactorily the worries of the faithful who have access to documents and evidences of liberalism that can be ignored only at the expense of the good faith of their local priests. I don't understand why Fr Tim made a big deal of the wrongful title of the last rosary crusade, for even Bishop Fellay has his doubts.

Local XSPX priests resort always to this line:"What change do you see in us, at the grassroot level?" the answer is of course not much, except a few things here or there, or the return of fr Beaublat to the Novus Ordo, the branded bulletin of the district, the rosary crusades etc. But the faithful are not that dumb, and it is a great mistake to believe that the filipinos cannot read documents and realise the direction a ship is taking, because it is this judgement on catholic doctrine that brought them out of the Novus Ordo in the first place. so if Novus Ordo principles are again coming in, we see everywhere that the most dedicated part of the flock reacts positively and calls our assistance.


For the axis Bohol Cebu Iloilo, nothing much to report. The Danao attempt is back to its starting point; we were warned, the local Novus Ordo hierarchy is in full control.

For those who want to help

In Ormoc:

BDO bank,

613: Leyte - Ormoc

Account number: 004910240643

Francois Chazal or Maria Consuelo A Sosmena (OLHC-MCSPX-BUILDING FUND)

Swift code:BNORPHMM

In Maasin:

BDO bank

613: Leyte-Maasin

Account jumber: 006130178424

Francois Chazal or Arturo F Siga (BSC-MCSPX BUILDING FUND)

Swift code: BNORPHMM


Maybe you will say i am crazy, but there is a call from Indonesia, just as we add Taiwan on our list (Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore). Taiwan is just a tiny bottle in the ocean. Just one tradcat girl from Texas, and three other clueless novus ordo relatives who attended the mass. But if Hindang is a lesson, God laughs at our smallness. In Indonesia, i don't yet know, but it could be the same: just one soul. But just when you believe we are toast, God saves the mission, teaching us another lesson... we of little faith.

In Korea, i have another possible marriage and still new faces. 25 people attend the mass on average, but i can t put the total at more than 40 faithfuls. We say the mass in a tower in North Seoul, while the XSPX is in south Seoul, you know, north versus south. Doctora Kim asked me to bless the tower. All people and businesses left it within a month... she was impressed, didn't lose hope. Now it is better, almost full.

In Japan the Suzuki family has requested the Bishop's visit for confirmation. They are old friends of Fr Onoda, but have been following the liberal slide of the XSPX on the internet and go to Fr Nariai's mass. What is crucial is that they have three children, like the Mori family, that makes 6 out of 7 children i ever saw or heard about in chapels in Japan. Nothing to crow about, but a decent beginning.

Singapore and Malaysia did not get recent visits, but i hope to make up for it in August before going to Australia. It is very kind of you to visit them. Nobody is left behind. I hope the trial run of Fr Kramer goes well. I don't think he is a sedevacantist, or if he is, his attached sedeplenism is in fact really is helping us out to demonstrate that sedevacantism leaves no clear road ahead of us. I really admire his doctrinal precision otherwise, and i wonder if he still collaborates with fr Gruner, a great mystery in those days. The filipinos are already jumping on him for visits, lectures, and projects; it is amusing just to see it.


I have not been able to visit, being so tied up now, but i am hoping to get my visa in october and go there around Christmas. Fr Valan is nevertheless very enterprising and he is beginning construction of a house of the elderly together with his priory in RN Kandigai. This is to return the favor to the lady who donated us the present priory in Chennai. The biggest shocker is the treason of Fr Beaublat, who left the xspx straight for the diocese of Toulon, the town of my own parents. Two others may be with him as well. He was the superior of India, and is now under mgr Rey, within a novus ordo diocese, possibly with two other xspx priests. The Indian faithful can clearly see that we did not make things up or exaggerate when we decided to warn the faithfuls of the impending crisis.


Indeed some XSPX priests of the liberal militant pflugerian wing are getting impatient (three or five recycled in six months). They were clearly promised a deal with Rome, notwithstanding what Bishop Fellay claimed in Flavigny recently, and nothing has been officially signed. it does not suffice to them that the principles of the Society changed, they want to be officially and visibly part of the same official Novus Ordo church, because they either believe the Novus Ordo mass is right, like Fr Lamerand who is now saying the ordinary form, or believe that the latin mass will be tolerated extraordinarily. Just like we used to say that the Fraternity of St Peter recycles traditional minds back into the Novus Ordo, the same phenomenon is taking place in the Society.

The facts on the ground are the principles of 2012 trickling down and festering faster. When i met a priest, i thought he would wake up at the remark of Fr Pfluger's retreat in Flavigny last Christmas:"If we do not accept the magisterial authority of Vatican II, we are not Catholics." He started to defend the council's authority, but disagreed with its contents, a bit like fr Vassal who said that Francis is a modernist, but modernism is not a heresy, because otherwise we would be sedevacantists. In my simplicity I tried to explain that the council was hijacked by cardinal Bea and his clique, especially at the face off with Cardinal Ottaviani on the schemas, but to no avail. Same thing with the new Code: it is legitimate, we must get on to it. The doctrine is sliding, the morals will or already follow. The scenario i fear the most is the indultification of the Society, the transforming of it in a recycling machine, corrupting good and upright minds, of priests once excellent and anti-liberals, into neutral moderates, slowly digested without any explicit official canonical signing... that could still happen. The Devil knows best how to destroy, he is the daddy of all lies.

As for fr Pagliarani, all that I can gather points to his innocence on the issue of modernism. If Paolo can retract and amend, it would be a good sign for him. The situation is sufficiently bad as it is for us to exaggerate, and we must be capable to retract, since it is precisely what we request from others.

The latest instalment of Bishop Fellay's reconciliational manoeuvring has at last been aired out. It is the Flavigny conference of 27th February. The first part makes a somewhat less murky distinction of the two churches than Fr. Gleize, Catholic and Conciliar, but in order to say that never had Menzingen even contemplated an agreement with the counciliar church. All they did was to court the catholic part of the Church, as no one should refuse to do, if he is a good Catholic. The whole reasoning denies the total entanglement of heresy and compromised floating bits of Catholicism in the official Church. Once the official Church is passed in that wonderful separation machine called Theological Analogy, two distinct products emerge: on the left the ugly and deform conciliar beast of the Apocalypse from which we have stayed clear all along, and on the other side the dainty and perfect Spouse of Christ, afflicted, but dealable with, especially with the guarantee of the six conditions. That centrifugal separation machine allows to maintain the principle of Nulla Pars with heretics, while coming to a closer embrace with the "mystery of the Church" through a more personal relationship with the official Church.

Nobody gets deceived unless he WANTS to be deceived. So if you want to hear nulla pars from the mouth of bishop Fellay, there it is, you have it now. All you need then is to ignore that he is still engaged in a plan of canonical reconciliation, under the pretence of dealing only with what is good in the Novus Ordo structure.

Remember, we used to have the light of tradition spray, that could make Vatican II or anything, look traditional. Now we have something better, the Theanalogizer separating machine, by which we can condemn firmly while embracing and working up something with the cleaned up remnants. That machine has worked wonders on CFN, Michael Matt, Gentiloup in France, potential resistance joiners, like Morgon perhaps. I don't say that the idealistic separation did not exist before, because the idea is present in the boched parable of the weeds in the April 14th 2012 letter, but now it has reached the mystic levels of the love of a Church that remains ever pure and dealable with, while infected with all kinds of heresies and bad things. It reminds me of Catharism, while the real Catholic Church, when facing infirmities in its members, fights sin and heresy to the point of cutting them off with the scalpel sooner than later. Dead portions of the Church always fall off; what kind of living being carries such a pile of filth indefinitely? The Catholic Church is divine precisely because it shakes off the leprosy, one way or the other, by healing, or by the sword.

This reminds a liberal parent, a liberal educator, or a liberal confessor who covers up the sin, instead of exposing it. If you love Francis, and really want to talk to him, fine, but tell him to convert or face retribution, like Joan of Arc to Glasdale, or St Francis to the Miramolin. (And if you don't have the ingredients of courage, stay home). That was the conclusion of the Archbishop. But liberals can't help it, they have to find angles for dialogue. Angles.

I will add that if one passes all false religions through the Theanalogizer, they will all come out catholic, like in the V2 decree Lumen Gentium that finds wonderful seeds of the Word everywhere... or some of these false religions will come out even more catholic than the novus ordo itself, because some protestants say less heresies than the Rome of today, or tell us "I am not converting to Catholicism; for your Pope is a heretic and a Marxist!"

Amazingly, Bishop Fellay still upholds in that conference :

*the six conditions,

*the canonical structure published in the Cor Unum 105 as almost perfect,

*the principles of 2012 as a mere clarification of those of 2006,

*that he never made up his mind to accept a canonical recognition in 2012, and said in February that meetings, including informal ones, were totally out of the agenda... while we now know what happened in December...from his own mouth, three month later, because, yet again, Menzingrad has been caught with the hand in the cookie jar. The audience of Fr Angles (bishop Fellay own canonical representative) with the pope, as well as his reported visits to the congregations is an even bigger cookie. It points towards advanced negotiations, not in the sense that something is being signed, but that the terms of the contract are being laid down ever more clearly.

Hence the need to reassure and say that Pope Francis is bad; baaaad. But something will not have escaped your notice: Besides his heresies, Francis favors the gay cause, very often and openly: gay bracelets, kissing hand of gay activist priest after concelebrating, pro gay (unretracted) declarations, WYD mass at Copa Cabana, the Mecca of gayism, gay statue of St Michael in the gardens of the Vatican, gays everywhere in position of power, perhaps 60% of cardinals, future canonization of Paul VIth whom Fr Villa said he was gay, rainbow gay vestmentssss. More terribly, this Pope is guilty of covering up the child abusing novus ordo clergy, like his predecessors.

DICI is not so rosy as it used to be, let's be honest, but the pink colored lenses don't see the flood of pink. Why must the faithful not be alerted on the terminal destruction of morality in Rome? Because we would not be able to deal with them, if we had to admit that they are too far gone. Once gayism is passed in the Theanalogizer, we can go and have lunch in St Martha, or whichever palace in Rome. The strength of our mystical love of the Church will always surmount embarrassing circumstances to reach out, dialogue, with whatever is still good deep, very deep down this time. Menzingrad is liberal, they can't help returning to court these people.

For my part, if someone treats the new Rome with a ten foot pole, pinching his nose, who am I to judge?

As for the AFD, now, it is a bad copy, sorry guys... but wait a minute, it is written from a roman proposal, and i am not using it any more, and the Resistance is simply exaggerating its unclear contents.

For example, legitimately promulgated means that legitimate legal instruments were used legally for its promulgation, but not that it was promulgated legitimately...

My next question is, what do we do of the defence of the AFD in the official Cor Unum #104? “Well sorry guys.” “What about those who fought the AFD teeth and nails, and who were unjustly punished?” “Just a pack of exaggerating weasels, who will nerver be happy at the reassurances we are making, who will always look for something, and perhaps find something imperfect in us in order to justify their desire to rebel. Hence, I write the faulty AFD, but theirs is the just deserved punishment.2

His Lordship wont stoop to the level of retracting the errors thereof, point by point, but I think he could if needed. Another AFD can always be rewritten in due course. Now is the hour of damage control, and in this the talent of bishop Fellay is magnificent, crowned with results.

So what is there, still in the bag, undamagecontrolled about? Well, well, well, there is still this nagging New Code of John Paul II. Still no desisting from the use of this Code, which is taught in the seminary, at least in Econe by Father Quilton, who is the author of the paper called "The unofficial official position of the Society on the New Code". Remember that Fr Pinaud was judged on the basis of the 1983 code, canon 1720.

Other items are there for us to exagerate rebelliously about: No clarification on the quotes favoring Dignitatis Humanae. No clarification, no repudiation of the innumerable errors taught in Flavigny just two months before by Fr Pfluger.

Therefore, problem remains full and entire: they say, don't worry we are not signing and we admit some mistakes and can backtrack a bit for you; we reply your principles have changed and are being applied, what difference does it make? Signing has become a cherry on the cake; we said it a long time ago. It remains a big tempting cherry on a stick, with big cheeky cheeks, but it can wait. Letting liberalism and modernism eat the Society is much more deathly, and happens now.

Sed, iterum dico, non praevalebunt.

In Iesu et Maria,

Francois Chazal+

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