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Another Priest leaves the SSPX

Posted by The Editor on August 26, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Fr. Sauer, a German priest ordained in 1984, is the latest hero to break free of the poisonous atmosphere of the neo-SSPX. Some of our readers may remember meeting him on the Canterbury Pilgrimage a couple of years ago. Fr. Sauer goes to join Fr. Zaby at Brilon Wald. Our best wishes, congratulations and prayers go to him.

...and here is what the new District Superior of Germany, Fr. Udressy, has to say, with a hypocritical 'sadness' which is as familiar as it is predictable:

"Die traurige Note dieses Sonntages: Ich verkünde der Gemeinde den Abschied von Pater Sauer. Er hat entschieden, die Priesterbruderschaft zu verlassen und geht nach Brilon Wald. Hatte Erzbischof Lefebvre nicht oft darunter gelitten, dass Mitbrüder ihn verließen? Manche warfen ihn vor, er sei zu hart und ungehorsam, andere hingegen, er sei zu liberal und würde die Tradition verraten... Die Geschichte hat gezeigt, wer Recht hatte..."

("The sad news this Sunday, is this: I have to announce to the parish the departure of Fr. Sauer. He has decided to leave the Society and is going to Brilon Wald. Did not Archbishop Lefebvre often suffer, when confreres left him? Some accused him of being too hard and disobedient, others however said that he was too liberal and would betray Tradition... History shows who was in the right...")


Let there be no doubt, history will once again show who was in the right. And Fr. Sauer need not feel any apprehension on that account.

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