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from Fr. Chazal:

Posted by The Editor on July 25, 2013 at 5:05 AM


What's behind the name?


As the forces of the resistance are gathering, tentative names have been given to it, provisionally; the most disastrous denomination being the holier than thou "strict observance" qualifier.

The following is just a submission that i make. Many priests of the resistance are in favor, and we are beginning to use the acronym... l hope it is going to stick.



The first,and maybe most important point is that we remain and will always be priests of the Society of St Pius the tenth. Our expulsion is invalid because we upheld the will of the Founder, and the goal of our institute which is the Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That Priesthood suffers a terrible offence once Vatican II and the new mass and all wicked reforms, especially the New Code, begin to be recognized suicidally by the top management of the Order itself, notwithstanding the practice of double talk.

Hence we refuse to admit to be the authors of the separation between the official sspx and a remnant of it who adheres exactly to the original notion of the society. Our Antimodernist Oath, the "promitto" of our ordinations, our original engagement formula and the vows taken by those who can no longer accept the unacceptable, precisely because of these commitments, remain in full force, nay, are indeed fulfilled on this painful occasion.

Moreover, the rules and regulations of our Founder are very wise, and very mild, a little bit like the rule of Saint Benedict. The placing of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost as their common thread gives them a wonderful depth. They have worked very well for forty years, and we do not have the leisure to reinvent from top to bottom an entire set of rules and ceremonies for priests, seminarians and religious. To think ourselves wiser than the Archbishop would be certainly presomptuous.By keeping the name SSPX, we also retain automatically the other name of our order "Apostles of Jesus and Mary".This being said, the same constitutions need to be amended to remedy the disatrous centralization, businessification and bureaucratization of the Society in general, and the dangerous accumulation of power of the Superior General over an excessive length of time. Some secundary changes may have to be made on the way priests are trained.



Hence, while the name sspx has to remain, a qualifier has to be added.

As the xspx, Fr Wegner saying, is clearly rebranding itself as a non fighting corporation, changing the tone of its public speech, while its founder famously described if as a little army of rebuilders, we need to stand firm against the liberal evils of this time:

# the recurrent desire to conform to this modern world,

# the desire to be accepted and recognized in our differences,

# the growing tiredness, apathy and loss of priestly flame, (something not too surprising after forty years of struggle).

# and lastly, the reigning intellectual anarchy.

Hence it would seem fitting to call ourselves an army, or even better, something less than an army, i.e., an army corps.

Army corps were originally designed to engage the ennemy more quickly and more flexibly in order to take advantage of opportunities before they fade. Therefore it is a lighter and more adaptable structure than a whole cumbersome army. At the same time, an army corps includes all three branches: infantry, cavalry and artillery. In the same vein we shall run a whole grid through priories, houses of training (schools and seminaries), and retreat houses, but in a lighter and more efficient fashion.

Therefore we hope to give a harder and more frugal training to our seminarians so that they learn how not to please themselves in a self conceited spiritual ego, but how to please God. "Christus non sibi placuit" (Rom XV,3). Magnificent buildings are not indicated at this time as families are requested to struggle and be frugal themselves.



Then, again, pecisely as the Fatima solution is despised, Our Lady remains ever more the "whole reason of our hope"(St Bernard). She leads us into battle like Deborah, because it is the will of God that victory be attributed to her (Iudic. IV,9). As the Archbishop told us on the occasion of her Immaculate Conception she is the opposite of this deathly admixtion of truth and error and of this desire to be recognized by any Council of the impious ones, whatever be the place they unjustly occupy.

May she enable us to stand in the truth, in all humility before Our God who is the First Truth or Tuth Itself, and then before other men to whom Truth is owed as a first Charity.

Francois Chazal SSPX Marian Corps.


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