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'New Look' website - part of the 'New Look' SSPX

Posted by The Editor on June 9, 2013 at 11:55 AM

The new SSPX US District website has to be seen to be believed. Those of you who have listened to Fr. Girouard's Sunday sermon from last week (see the post below this one) will know what is going on here. Those of you who have not yet heard this important sermon need to do so as soon as possible. Fr. Girouard reports, quoting from the horses mouth, on the decision of the SSPX to hire a professional "PR company" to re-brand the Society (for which the SSPX paid good money!), helping it to leave behind it's "negative image" and be more "positive" about the Church.


In keeping with this, and as if further evidence were needed, take a look at the new-look Let us take one example (there are more). Have a look at what they present as being the "mission statement" of the SSPX. It is to be found under the tab labelled "about". On that page we read:



"The spirit of the SSPX is essentially apostolic; it was designed by its founder to operate much like a missionary order, spreading the faith far and wide. This apostolate is today especially necessary considering the spread of atheism, agnosticism, and religious indifference.

The SSPX, to this end, seeks to draw souls closer to Christ primarily through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as well as through its preaching, its schools, its seminaries, and its other houses of religious formation.

All this can be summed up in our founder’s motto: “I have believed in love,” that is, in the love of Christ."



Can you spot what's going on here? This could be describing any of the 1001 pre-Vatican II religious congregation or Society. Where is the mention of fighting modernism; of fighting Vatican II; of the Crisis in the Church; of error and heresy and the need for to preserve souls from the errors of the Council; of the "conciliar Chruch"...? What has become of "operation survival"? It has been turned into "operation all-you-need-is-lurve"...!

This is just yet another clear piece of evidence, for those with eyes to see, of the strong will of the new SSPX to make itself as inoffensive to the world as possible! Pray that as many souls as possible will wake up, join the Resistance and thus ultimately be preserved from sliding, unsuspecting, into this spirit of desiring to be inoffensive to the world.

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Reply anonymous
1:53 PM on June 10, 2013 
I appreciate reading what you say, Ed., because I just don't see it anywhere else. I had a nice talk with my brother-in-law yesterday, who is a Catholic (so to speak) and asked him if he knew what "Branding" is, and he said, "No." I asked him if he remembers "Branded!" the TV series in 1965 -- and I didn't have to say the star's name because he immediately said, "Chuck Connors! And you know he's buried right across the road from my parents' grave at San Fernando!" He took the words out of my mouth. He continued, "Connors was a baseball player before he went into show business -- he played third base for the Dodgers!" I said, that's why he has the logos of the Cubs, the Dodgers and the Boston Celtics on his headstone, and he said, "That's right!" He knew all about it. He even knew that there are no episodes of "Branded" on YouTube but you can see episodes of "The Rifleman" -- and those words are also carved on his headstone.

So he knew not what I meant by "Branding" but he knew all about Kevin "Chuck" Connors who played the part of a man who was "Branded!" Then I said that "Branding" is when you hire a PR firm to study your company and come up with a plan to increase your market share based on a deliberate effort to capitalize on your strengths and to abandon your weaknesses. I used the Coca-Cola example, and then he said, "Oh, yeah, like they did with NewCoke and all that whole scheme which was just an elaborate gimmick to introduce cheap HFCS to replace the more expensive sugar." He knew all about that, too. He had just not heard of the word "Branding" used to describe it.

Then I told him that this had been done for the SSPX, so that a non-Catholic marketing expert effectively told the SSPX how it had to change to become more popular and to get more membership, by giving up what it had been and becoming something new. I really wanted my brother-in-law to appreciate this. But he surprised me. He said, "Yeah, I can see that. I'm sure they're all doing that these days." For the trad Society to do this was 'normal' to him, and he wanted no part of the discussion. He changed the subject.

The spirit of the world is one by which a worldly person will have gone to great lengths to learn all about something so mundane as the history of a particular Hollywood movie star, who developed his own "brand" of acting on film. But when it comes to understanding the infection of this same spirit of the world into a Society of traditional priests whose foundation has been to resist this spirit of the world from entering into that Society, then this worldly person (who is lock, stock and barrel under the influence of the spirit that the Society no longer resists) will have no desire whatsoever to take even so much as the first step toward understanding how this spirit of the world that was once the Enemy of that Society could now become its 'Friend' and unholy ally. This is to say, that my brother-in-law is a microcosm of the Society, and he is a type of B.Fellay and his Menzingen crowd.

The unclean spirit of Vatican II is a most pernicious thing (MPT) that can seduce ANYONE, so, as +W warns us, "Watch" and "Pray" that you are not also deceived by the great deceiver, who is satan, the dragon, and the devil.