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Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (1905 - 1991) - Archbishop of Dakkar, Apostolic Delegate for French-speaking Africa, Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers and founder of the Society of St Pius X

About Us:


We are proud to call ourselves Lefebvrists. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was the man of the moment, raised up by Almighty God to save the priesthood, the true Mass and the Catholic Faith in the wake of the carnage caused by the Second Vatican Council. He stood up to the modernists by confessing Christ publicly. Even now, from the 'conservative' parish and the Motu Proprio / 'Indult' Tridentine Mass allowed by the modern bishops, to the doctrinally compromised, socially-acceptable, inoffensive modern SSPX, to even many of the sedevacantists, there are very few people alive today who have the Catholic Faith, who do not owe that fact in some way to Archbishop Lefebvre. How many good fruits, how little gratitude and how few lessons learned! And yet Archbishop Lefebvre was right then and he is right now. We are his spiritual children and we maintain his uncompromising stand against modernism. Unlike all the others, we will not turn our backs on him.

Since 2012, and The Recusant newsletter has been striving to preserve and spread the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre, providing a service to Traditionalists across the globe and to Holy Mother Church.

Our enemies our naysayers and our rivals also read us, though they like to pretend that they don't, and far more people, friend and foe alike, have benefited from our analysis than will ever be prepared to admit it. 


Our contributors often choose anonymity, not out of fear or shame, but primarily to keep the reader focused on what is being said, and not who is saying it. As for the rest, if you want to know all about us, you can do no better than to start reading. A complete archive of every issue of The Recusant newsletter can be found free here:


and here:


The last iteration of disappeared suddenly when the web host ceased to exist. Eleven years -worth of archived articles and source material have not been lost but will now have to be painstakingly re-uploaded. Please be patient. 

The Editor can be reached at:

The same email address can be used to send a donation via PayPal. 

God bless.

"The truly Catholic press is altogether Catholic, that is to say, it defends Catholic doctrine in all its principles and applications; it opposes all false teaching (known as such) always and entirely, 'opposita per diametrum' [diametrically opposed], as St Ignatius says in that golden book of his exercises. Arrayed with unceasing vigilance against error, it places itself on the frontier, always face-to-face with the enemy. It never bivouacs with the hostile forces, as the compromising press loves to do. Its opposition is definite and determined; it is not simply opposed to certain undeniable maneuvers of the foe, letting others escape its vigilance, but watches, guards, and resists at every point.

   (Liberalism is a Sin, p.140)


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